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Title:World Through Walls (5/6)
Rating: PG-13ish
Disclaimer: I can lay no claims on DA or SPN
SPOILERS: General DA, SPN though season four
Summary: Logan hasn't seen Dean since the shooting but their paths are about to collide again. (Sequel to World Behind Windows)

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World Through Walls

Dean reacts on instinct. Logan can see that much in his eyes. All the humor is gone, replaced by an almost soldier-like proficiency. For the first time since this happens, he sees Alec in his friend. Sees Manticore in his training, in his almost militant fighting style. Dean knows how to fight. His technique is miles ahead of Max who’d stopped her training at age nine.

But Dean is at a disadvantage. Max knows how to use her speed. With Alec’s borrowed body, Dean has that kind of speed but doesn’t realize it. All his movements that should have been perfectly controlled swing just a little too wide, look just a little wild.

“Max, stop!” Logan calls.

She doesn’t stop. The blade swings back and slices through the fabric of Dean’s shirt. He stumbles.

Logan has to force himself to touch her, has to mentally override all his instincts to avoid her skin as he reaches out to halt her arm before the blade can bite through Dean’s skin.

It is a bad idea. He knows it even before his skin makes contact. After all these years, he still has not learned his lesson. She wheels around almost on autopilot and plunges the knife into his shoulder.

White hot pain seers across his body, shooting up his arm. It feels like getting shot somehow and when he blinks, just for a second he’s in 2009 again as Sam Winchester screams, Get behind me!

It’s Dean and not Max who catches Logan before he hits the floor. “I don’t think you’ve hit anything important,” Dean says but his words are warping badly and he closes his eyes again only to see the demon girl in the red dress.

“He’s not a demon,” Logan mumbles thickly. He blinks and he’s in that alley again. The alley in 2009, stunned that he’s still alive.

The knife’s gone and there’s a warm pressure over the wound. “Hold on,” he hears Dean say. “Logan, stay with me.”

Kaboom, the girl in the red dress whispers from the depths of his mind.


He wakes up groggily two hours later. There’s a roaring pain in his shoulder but it’s been rather expertly bandaged. He sits up slowly.

“Don’t you think you’re wasting holy water,” he hears Dean say. “Really I’ve passed all your tests. Iron. Holy water. The Devil’s Trap. What the hell do you want to do, tie me down and perform an exorcism?”

“We’ve had your kind before,” Max says. “Infiltration. I don’t trust anyone outside Logan.”

“Why?” Dean asks. “I mean he seems like Dr. Do-Good but the first few months I knew the guy, he did nothing but lie to me.” He looks up, noticing Logan was awake. “Dude, don’t get me wrong, you’re a stand-up guy but seriously, I was a little thrown by the pathological lying.”

“Cut me a break,” Logan mutters. He sits down, just out of contact range of Max. “I thought you were a serial killer at the time.”

Dean shakes his head. “Fucking shapeshifters.”

Logan smiles.

“I’m sorry,” Max says. “But exactly how do you know this idiot. Because last I checked, X-5 494 has been possessed by a demon for almost ten years.”

“What?” Logan asks. It’s not just the idea that bothers him but the fact that Alec, his friend, Alec, had been reduced to no more than a series of numbers.

A barcode.

“There’s no demon in here,” Dean says. “Promise.”

“Like I’m going to take your word for it, 494.”

Dean opens his mouth in to retort but Logan beats him to the punch. “That’s not 494.” He takes a deep breath. “And I’m not the Logan Cale you know.”

He doesn’t know what he expects. Honestly, he’s a little surprised he doesn’t get stabbed again. “Okay,” Max says, “I’ll play. If you’re not Logan and he’s not the demon possessing 494, who the hell are you?”

“Oh, that’s still Logan Cale,” Dean informed her with a wide grin. “I just you can just think of him as an earlier model. But I’m not 494 or Alec or whatever the hell you call this guy. My name is Dean Winchester.”

Recognition flashes in Max’s eyes. “Bullshit. Dean Winchester is dead.”

“Trust me sweetheart,” Dean drawls. “I’m hard to kill.”

“Fine, say I do believe that’s really Dean Winchester. Who the hell are you?”

“Still Logan Cale. Just not this world’s Logan Cale.”

“Like a parallel universe thing? I’ve met a few people who say they’re from a parallel universe.”

“What happened to them?”

“They died.”

“Sounds promising,” Dean snorts.

“How do I know you’re really Logan and not some guy trying to fuck with me?”

The knife wound in his shoulder aches, singing her betrayal. “I don’t know.”

“Who is Eyes Only?” she asks.

“I am,” Logan replies. He watches Dean’s face crease in recognition out of the corner of his eyes, but he trusts Dean more than he trusts anyone else.

“Where did I live when I was a kid?”


“How did we meet?”

“You were trying to rob me. Broke into my penthouse through the skylight three years ago.”

“Penthouse,” Max scoffs. “You seen any building higher than a story standing in the past three years?”

“Hold on,” Dean says. “You’re telling me this place has been like this for three years.”

“Closer to ten. But if you were really Dean Winchester, I think you’d know that.”

“What happened to Terminal City?” Logan asks before the argument can escalate. He is struggling to keep his voice even but knows something of the pain and frustration has to be seeping through. “Last I saw it was chalk full of transgenics. There’s barely a soul here.”

Max goes quiet. Her whole body as still as he’s ever seen it. “Transgenics.”

“Yeah,” Logan says. “The Manticore escapees. Twelve of you in ’09 and the whole damn facility eleven years after that.”

“That didn’t happen here,” Max says and she’s guarded now. “Far as I know I’m the only transgenic out and that’s thanks to you.”

“Thought these transgenics were supposed to be stronger than your average guy,” Dean says. “Don’t seem like the types to stop fighting.”

But Logan sees where this ends already. It hurts more than he expected. He remembers Jace and Zach and Ben and Gem and Tinga and above all Alec. He squeezes his eyes shut. “Dean, you take a Manticore soldier with superior strength and speed who also happens to be used to taking orders and then add Hell busting loose and demons going everywhere. What the hell do you think is going to happen?”

Max is staring at him with a far off gleam in her eyes. “Where you come from, it’s not like that? You said there were transgenics in Terminal City.”

“A whole city of them,” Logan confirms. “They’ve taken to calling it freak nation.”

“I kind of like that.”

“That’s beautiful,” Dean snaps. “Really it is, I’m honored to be a part of this but I’m a little more interested in what the hell happened to me and Sammy and why Hell seems to have won this war.”

“Everyone knows this story,” Max says. “Back in ’09 there was some sort of electronic signal that wiped all the electronics in the country clean. President blamed terrorists. And things went to Hell for about a year. Looting, crime going bezerk. These weird cases of extreme violence no one could explain. There was no internet to connect people so it just sort of stayed like that. Isolated incidents that no one could piece together. But in 2011, the Winchester brothers died and the whole world went to hell. See, story says the Winchesters were trying to stop the apocalypse and ended up bringing it instead. Way my Logan told it to me, Dean Winchester was supposed to be the only one who could stop it. You know kill the Devil or whatever and bring us back into the golden age. I’m not quite buying it.”

“No,” Dean says faintly. “That sounds about right to me.”

Max swallows. “All right then. Good to meet you Dean.”

“That’s it? Really, after an hour of you poking and prodding at me with holy water iron and whatever the hell you could find, this is what gets you to believe us.”

“Maybe I’m an optimist.”

“I don’t follow,” Logan says.

A sly grin crosses Max’s features. “If Dean Winchester is alive and is supposedly the only person on this planet who can kill the Devil, it sounds like we’ve got a second chance at winning this thing.”


There’s already a plan in place. Logan doesn’t particularly like the notion considering until an hour ago, Max seemed to think this plan was suicide. And to Logan’s eyes, it still looks a hell of a lot like suicide by demons. Like going down fighting and taking as much of the enemy down with you.

He’s still got a desk here thought the equipment set up on it is highly different. The bare bones needed for an audio-only broadcast. There’s also a homemade scrambler and a stack of journals. He has Dean go through them with him while Max slowly and methodically cleans guns.

Logan hates watching her with the guns. Knows that the Max of his universe (not his Max, but the Max he knows) abhors guns and won’t touch them even if it means saving her life.

This Max has an array of them. Has some with silver bullets, some packet with rock salt, some iron rounds. It chills him to the bone.

“This is insane,” Dean says for the twentieth time in the past hour. “Like really, really suicidally insane. I didn’t think you’d have it in you. Not even crazy post-apocalyptic you.”

“Yeah,” Logan says in a measured tone. The sad thing is, he knows this is in him. It is the same sort of insanity that had overtaken him the summer after he though Max had died. “There’s a kind of brilliance to it though.”

Take out as many as you can. Leave no survivors.

“The demons are going to rip you both to shreds.” Dean observes.

“If that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes. We’re looking to get you a shot at Lucifer.”

“We should be looking for a shot to get me home. Not going along with suicidal alterna-you and crazy stabbing lady. “

There is a transcript of the planned Eyes Only broadcast in his hands. Logan skims it over, half amused, half terrified by the changes to his mission. “If Max is right and the two of us are big targets in this reality, you can bet all of the big players are going to show up. Probably including whatever fallen angel that dragged you here in the first place.”

“Probably also including the Devil.”

Logan returns his eyes to the page and doesn’t reply.

Because he remembers some of the details to what’s been written in his counterpart’s sloppy hand. Which means that whatever Castiel had done was starting to wear off.

They are going to have to use this plan, as crazy and suicidal as it seems. There is no other option. They are running out of time.


Hours later, Logan is sitting against the wall of the makeshift shelter as Max slowly and gently changes his bandages. Dean is already asleep, snoring lightly with a book open on his chest.

“I’m really sorry about this,” Max says. “I’m usually pretty good about now stabbing my only ally.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Logan mutters. It doesn’t put him on his death bed which already means it was better contact than the Max of his universe. “I’ve had worse.”

As he says that, the gauze catches just a little on the wall behind him and he flinches in pain. Max smiles just a little smugly.

“How did we meet here?” Logan asks slowly. “Got to admit I’m a little curious.”

“Four years ago,” Max says. “I was possessed. You did an exorcism. I wanted to fight so we started kicking ass together.”

“Sounds like we make a pretty good team.”

“Honestly,” Max replies, “I just think you were glad you weren’t on your own anymore. I know I was.” She smiles at him, just a little shyly. “So, a girl’s got to ask. What’s your Max like?”

Logan winces as the bandage comes off completely. The wound hasn’t begun to scab over yet, but it isn’t bleeding anymore. This body is more equipped with handling pain than he is used to which worries him considering in the past few years he’s dealt with quite a bit of pain. “She’s untouchable,” Logan says finally, smiling at his own private joke. “Strongest person I know.”

“And I guess it’s the same as here. You and Max leading an army of transgenics out of oppression. Fighting the good fight and all that.”

She has begun slowly wrapping fresh gauze around the wound. He can’t bring himself to look at her. “Max doesn’t need me.”

Max hesitates just for a second, a hitch in the way she’s wrapping his gauze like he’s just broken her world view and he knows in that second that he’s never going to have this. Never going to have Max the way this universe’s Logan seems to have her. He’s never going to be on the same page as her. Never going to be anything but a friend to her.

And he’s all right with that. He looks over to the Max in front of him and tries to smile at her. “It’s all right. I don’t need her either.”


The girl is waiting for him in his dream. Taunting him, throwing up images of 2009 and his 2022 and this 2022 and the past of this universe until he isn’t sure what is real anymore. “Pick one,” the girl says. “Or lose them all.”

Then suddenly, without warning, there is another presence behind him and he feels a blind terror as it says, “You have the most singularly disquieting dreams.”

Logan turns around to face the disheveled figure in a trench coat and a tie, dripping blood from his mouth. “You’re in my head,” Logan says. “Get the hell out. I’ve got a enough mess of my own without anyone else in here to mess with it.”

“This is by far the best way to converse.”

“So dreamwalk Dean. My head is my head.”

“To dreamwalk, as you say, with Dean would be counterproductive to my current purposes. The demon that caused your predicament has been identified and eliminated.”

“Fantastic,” Logan says. “Does this mean everything will be back to normal when I wake up or is there some way I can say goodbye to Dean first.”

“It is not quite so simple,” Castiel intoned. “The effects of this are difficult to unwind by conventional means.”

“So use unconventional means,” Logan snaps.

“I cannot at the time,” Castiel says. “I find that I am injured. I barely possess the required power to maintain this conversation. Since killing the demon didn’t work, there is only one other feasible option for reversing this temporal anomaly.”

“Why aren’t you telling Dean this instead of me?”

“Because I know Dean Winchester and there are certain things he would not consider.”

“I don’t like where this is going.”

“Nor do I.” Castiel sighs heavily. “But I do not see any other present option. The spell preformed to bring Dean here was a blood spell and thus the only way to undo it is with another blood letting.”

“Not that I’m advocating it or anything, but in a world like this, it shouldn’t be too hard to find some blood.”

“I am afraid that most of the available blood is... insufficient. It would require the blood of someone who had experienced a shift in time themselves.”

Cold realization washes over him. “So it can only be me or Dean.”

“It cannot be Dean,” Castiel replies. “In Dean Winchester lies the only chance of defeating Lucifer and returning his forces back to Hell. Logan, if this is to succeed, it will require your blood.”

Logan can’t breathe. “How much?”

Castiel fixes him with a mournful gaze. “I fear it will cost more than you can spare.”

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17/8/09 06:39 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
You are a mad, crazy genius. First of all, this continues to be the most unusual and clever supernatural/dark angel crossover I have seen. Secondly, you've got the perfect balance of suspense, exposition, and action going. I'm still eager to find out what happens next, but I feel like I'm getting answers, and the story's got good momentum.

(no subject)

19/8/09 04:37 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Mad? Really? The other story I've got on my desktop is the one where Castiel and Spock are secretly the same person. This story is downright normal by comparrison. =)

I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm off to post the last chapter right now...

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19/8/09 07:28 (UTC)
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Really? you *are* a mad crazy genius. That sounds awesome.

And since I'm already commenting here, I just wanted to say, I read the last chapter and found it very cool, any chance we'll see alec's side of things...? maybe?

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21/8/09 04:13 (UTC)
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Glad you liked the last chapter. Thanks so much for reading.

As for Castiel being Spock...

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17/8/09 11:21 (UTC)
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oh no!
This is a very intriguing world (set of worlds?)you've made. Poor Castiel-
Logan of course will sacrifice himself, right? Except- max and her trangenic blood is there, if he doesn't shut her out..if he remembers..if the world hasn't changed too much and Logan and Dean haven't lost too much..
And where is Sam, and possessed Alec, and Alec in Dean? I'd love to see that:)

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19/8/09 04:37 (UTC)
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...I will answer none of this right now considering the last chapter is ready for posting.

Glad you've enjoyed this.

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19/8/09 07:45 (UTC)
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(sorry for speculation- it leaks sometimes:)

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18/8/09 02:55 (UTC)
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Oh. Where will this go. Will Logan die, or will he do the equivalent of Sam Tyler's big roof jump and tumble back in time? OK, I'm hooked.

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19/8/09 04:38 (UTC)
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No comment. =)

I'm posting the last chapter now.

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19/8/09 00:56 (UTC)
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Darn right Dean would object! I can't see Max being too thrilled about it either although I can see Logan doing it.

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19/8/09 04:39 (UTC)
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Hey, you can't always save the world with love. Sometimes, it's got to be bloody. =)