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So if anyone would like a drabble, drop me a comment with a few words, a fandom, and a character.

[Fandoms of the moment: SGA, BtVS, LOM, SPN, Dark Angel, Grimm, Scrubs, (or any other you think I may be familiar with)]
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Crossposted from my other journal, [ profile] spastic_visions, in honor of that political thing going on today:

Quick SPN drabble )
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Title: Belief
Author: Insane Troll Logic
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: While moving to the caves, Jack takes a minute to question his beliefs. Circa 1x06.
Author’s Note: My first foray into lost fanfic, also my first ever drabble. Go figure.
Warning: If you haven’t read Lord of the Flies, this probably won’t make sense

Belief )