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Title: Never Seen the Sunrise
Rating: R (language, violence)
Disclaimer: I can claim none of the Star Trek franchises.
Summary: Dystopian!AU. The Vulcans say the only way to peace is through removal of emotion. Not everyone agrees.
Notes: Written as part of Sweet Charity for Demona. Many thanks to [ profile] tigriswolf for the wonderful beta.

Never Seen the Sunrise )
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Title: Sleepwalking the Life Fantastic
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Supernatural is not mine
Summary: It is 1995 and Sam’s prayers are not yet inaudible
Notes: Written as part of Sweet Charity for Evelyn. Betaed by the lovely and talented [ profile] essenceofmeanin.

Sleepwalking the Life Fantastic )
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Sweet Charity Auction is entering its final hours. There are tons of fantastically talented people up for bids (also, me but under the name spastic_visions) and it's all in good fun for a great cause. So head on over.
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Title: the wish machine
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I have no claims on Torchwood.
SPOILERS: Through series 2
Summary:The dangers of dreaming too hard.
Notes: Written as part of Sweet Charity for [ profile] lelann137 who asked for a Torchwood fic featuring Ianto, Jack, and Tosh and some new alien tech.

the wish machine )
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Title: Walking Dead Girl
Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I have no claims to either Pushing Daisies or Psych.
Summary: Upon seeing the specter of her supposedly dead niece, Lily Charles calls in a psychic. [PD/Psych crossover]

Notes: Written as part of Sweet Charity for [personal profile] strangevisitor7 who asked for a Psych/PD crossover

Walking Dead Girl )
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I feel inclined to mention that the sweet charity aution is entering the final day of bidding. Not only is it for a great cause (this auction is to support  The Rape, Abus and Incest Nation Network), but there are some fantastic authors ready and willing to write you some custom made fic. (and yes, I am a participant masquerading as spastic visions)

Like I said, good fun for a great cause. Go play!
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Title: Z-Day
Rating: PG-13 (language, entrails)
Disclaimer: Shaun of the Dead is not mine. Incidentally, neither is Supernatural
Summary: It is commonly speculated that the pub called the Winchester was named for the rifle that sits above the bar. But that’s not true at all. (SPN/Shaun of the Dead Crossover)
Note: Written for Sweet Charity for Muffaletta. Thanks to [personal profile] scornedsaint for the much needed beta job.

Z-Day )
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Title: To Cross the Universe
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Supernatural is emphatically not mine
Summary: The man Sam finds strung up in the djinn’s lair is not his brother.
Spoilers: AU after What is and What Should Never Be
Author's note: Written as part of Sweet Charity for muffaletta

To Cross the Universe )


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