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(Here's a hockey primer if you don't know the game.)

This 'verse began as a single Supernatural story but has now expanded to several other fandoms. The stories have vague references to one another but all can stand alone. I would also like to note that THIS 'VERSE IS OFFICIALLY OPEN. If you want to play in the hockey 'verse, you are welcome. If you want to write in a different fandom, be my guest. SPREAD THE HOCKEY LOVE.

The Stories )
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Title: Lockout
Rating: PG
Fandoms: Sherlock, Doctor Who, Psych, The Dresden Files, Merlin, Supernatural
Disclaimer: Definitely not mine.
Summary: The NHL lockout is not a happy thing [A series of unconnected hockey!verse drabbles]
Author's note: Part of the hockey!AU. That's right, the lockout has gone on long enough for me to reach the end of the semester and feel the urge to fic it. THIS IS NOT OKAY.

Winnipeg: Sherlock & John )
Toronto: Eleven, Amy & Rory )
L.A.: Shawn Spencer )
Chicago: Harry Dresden )
Norfolk: Merlin & Arthur )
Lawrence: Sam & Dean )
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Title: High Sticking
Rating: PG
Fandom: Merlin [/Doctor Who]
Disclaimer: Definitely not mine.
Summary: Arthur and Morgana are the Reggie and Cheryl Miller of hockey, Merlin keeps accidentally wounding his own teammates and somehow the Great Dragon coaches. [Arthur, Merlin, Morgana, Kilgarrah, Eleven]
Author's note: Part of the increasingly epic hockey!AU No knowledge of any other story is needed to enjoy this (though you will catch a few in jokes if you've read the Doctor Who part.)

High Sticking )
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Title: Line Change
Rating: PG
Fandom: Doctor Who
Disclaimer: Definitely not mine.
Summary: NHL!AU. After the Time War, the Doctor really just wants to hit something. Hockey seems a lot healthier than another genocide. [Nine, Jack, Ten, Rose, Martha, Donna, Eleven, Amy, Rory]
Author's note: Borrows backstory from my hockey!AU which originally just existed in SPN but has recently expanded to Sherlock, Dexter and Doctor Who. No knowledge of any other story is needed to enjoy this. It just seems a bit silly to have multiple hockey verses.

Line Change )
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I have a huge desire to start writing other fandoms into it.

Sherlock Holmes is and eccentric goalkeeper who is all start caliber but considered locker room cancer and keeps getting traded until he runs across a team with blueliner!John and starts rooming with the man. Possibly there is coach!Lestrade.

Shawn Spencer is a 3rd line winger who seems to stay in the league only because his crazed antics make him a fan favorite. He's ridiculously talented when he decides to be but most of the time just can't be arsed. Gus is in the team's PR department and most of his interaction is making sure Shawn doesn't put his foot in his mouth. Lassiter is a crusty old center who hates Shawn everyone but can't say anything because they're on the same team. Henry had his number retired years ago and doesn't think Shawn has measured up.

Harry Dresden is an enforcer with a heart of gold. He starts fights all the time but only with people he *knows* deserved it.

Dexter still leaves a trail of bodies in every city he visits, but he's also got a reputation as one of the best defensive forwards around because he's always six steps ahead. Doakes is on a team in the same conference AND THEIR RIVALRY IS THE STUFF OF LEGENDS.

The Doctor is responsible for a half dozen brilliant scorers over the past few decades. They're the folks who have one great year and then are 'injured' and disappear from the league. He gets too bored to stay for more than that but with each new body he needs to try it out.

[So, yeah when I get into a show, often my mind goes to 'if they all played hockey, what position would they play.' I BLAME THE NHL PLAYOFFS.]
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Title: It Came Out of the Sky
Rating: PGish
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and the X-files are not owned by me.
Summary: The Doctor’s grieving after the Time War. Mulder’s looking for the truth.
Author’s note: For my buddy [profile] pyro_wizzard who wanted to see Mulder meeting the Doctor for Christmas
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Title: Doppleganger
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Considering Doctor Who is actually older than I am…
Summary: Peter Petrelli meets the Ninth Doctor and is just a little freaked out.
Author’s note: For Christmas for [ profile] silverblade219 who wanted the Doctor meeting either Peter or Hiro (or future Hiro) just before trying to change history

”Doppleganger” )
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Title: Crossing Blue
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Considering Doctor Who is actually older than I am…
Summary: Rose crosses the void with a little familiar help.
Author’s note: For Christmas for [ profile] thegabbster who wanted a Rose/Jack reunion.

Crossing Blue )
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Title: Light Bending Backwards
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Doctor Who is emphatically not mine
Summary: The Doctor infiltrates the Time Agency. Jack suffers the consequences.
Spoilers: Through series three.
Author’s Note: Great big thanks to the awesome [ profile] thenewradical who beta read for me and is largely responsible for all my grammar and most of the sense making.

Light Bending Backwards )
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Title: Unremarkable
Disclaimer: I have never owned a television show in my life.
Ships: John/Joan (mentions of Nine, Martha, Rose and Jack, but oddly, not Ten)
Rating: PG
Summary: John Smith is only human. And a watch is just a watch. [Family of Blood, AU]
Author’s note: First Who fic. Newbie to this fandom. Am mildly to moderately terrified. Many thanks to [info]thenewradical for getting me hooked on Who and then betaing. She's been, you know, Fantastic. And also thanks to [info]smtfhw for pointing out some errors.


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Title:Close Encounter
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Doctor Who is not mine. Incidentally, neither is Supernatural
Summary: The Winchester boys run across the Doctor, Rose and a werewolf. Wackiness ensues.
Timeframe: Doctor Who post Tooth and Claw. Supernatural post Tall Tales. No real spoilers outside the general for either show.
Author’s Note
: This is written for [personal profile] scornedsaint because she’s a thoroughly awesome person, she got me hooked on Doctor Who, and well, it’s her birthday.

Close Encounter )


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