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Title:World Through Walls (4/6)
Rating: PG-13ish
Disclaimer: I can lay no claims on DA or SPN
SPOILERS: General DA, SPN though season four
Summary: Logan hasn't seen Dean since the shooting but their paths are about to collide again. (Sequel to World Behind Windows)

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World Through Walls

He’s dreaming again.

He knows he’s dreaming.

He has to be dreaming.

“If I can’t have you,” the girl in the red dress tells him. “I’ll make sure you can’t have the world either. It’s mine to play with. Mine to rule.”

Wake up, Logan tells himself, you need to wake up.

“You’re mine, too, Logan.” She starts moving toward him. Logan tries to back up but his legs don’t work. “In the end, you’re going to do exactly what I tell you.”

She extends a hand toward his face and Logan finds he can’t move to stop her can’t do anything but watch and wait for...

He shoots upright in bed.

Dean is sleeping on the ratty couch, in the throws of his own nightmares. Or at least he thinks it is Dean. Without his glasses, the world is shrouded in a soft haze. “Dean,” Logan hisses. His head is spinning but it’s nothing he can’t handle. Dean doesn’t move.

It takes a few seconds of blind groping before Logan locates his glasses from the makeshift nightstand, nearly knocking them over in his haste. The world crystallizes into sharp focus but there’s nothing of the usual sunlight sinking in through the windows. It’s something different. A vague green tinge Logan has never seen before.

He can’t find his wheelchair. He doesn’t remember exactly how he got to his bed last night but knows it is illogical for his chair to be anywhere outside his reach. “Dean,” he calls, swinging his legs over the side of the bed more out of habit than anything.

And then his toes touched down on the cold stone floor.

Everything slows down.

Cool. The floor is cold against his bare feet.

He can feel it.

He wiggles his toes.

Everything is in working order.

The transgenic blood was no doubt gone by now. He shouldn’t feel anything. He can’t even feel his broken ankle the night before.

Because his ankle isn’t broken.

He rotates it slowly, first left, than right. The same sort of strengthening exercises they’d given him when he sprain his ankle during a basketball game in high school.


He snakes his hands back down his spine, searching for the nasty puckered bit of skin. Searching for the scar from the bullet that had robbed his legs from him.

It’s not there. There is nothing but smooth skin. This is Logan Cale. Unbroken.

There is a thick scar off his left elbow that he doesn’t recognize. It looks like a knife wound but he’s never been stabbed. Not there at least. There’s a tattoo over his left shoulder that he knows wasn’t his work. “Dean!” he says again, more urgently now.

He pushes himself up wobbling on unsteady legs like a newborn colt and stumbles toward the couch where he can see Alec’s frame fast asleep.

As soon as he touches Dean, he shoots up with such force, Logan nearly loses his balance. Dean is in attack mode until he sees Logan and then he calms in fits and starts. “Hell,” he mutters. “Wasn’t looking forward to waking up to your face. I was hoping this would be over in the morning.”

“Something changed,” Logan says. He feels vague stirrings of vertigo that he wants to blame on a hangover but knows he can’t.

He had gotten used to life closer to the floor.

“You’re on your feet,” Dean observes.

“Which means I never got shot,” Logan says. “Which means I never should have met you.”

“Can this wait? My head is killing me and I haven’t even started on thinking yet.”

“You’re wearing Alec’s body and I know transgenics don’t get hangovers so get your act together. You’re supposed to be the expert on this.”

“Fine,” Dean rubs at his eyes. “You noticed anything else that changed.”

Logan pulls down the collar of his shirt to reveal the tattoo. “This definitely wasn’t here yesterday.”

Dean’s face goes pale. “Why did you get that?”

“I don’t even know what the hell it is.”

“It’s a symbol used for keeping demonic possessions out. Not something the average person needs. Hell, not even something the average hunter needs. Me and Sammy have some but that’s a very special case.”

“Something changed overnight,” Logan says.

His brain is lagging three steps behind his body. He is having problems making connections. He feels like he is back in 2009 all over again, straining to keep hold of his world as his body fought for life in the future. But this is wrong. This feels more wrong than 2009 ever did.

He looks at the green light leaking in through the window. “Dean, something’s wrong with the sunlight.”

Logan has seen panic before. He has seen Max on the verge of capture. He has seen Zach fighting without memory in the face of his own betrayal. He has see Alec beaten and bruised and left for dead. He has seen Dean himself wild with worry for his missing brother.

But he has never seen this before. Has never seen this level of utter panic. Has never seen true terror before. The color is gone from his face. His eyes are wide. His hands are shaking. He looks like he’ll break if Logan touches him but he can’t help himself. Offering comfort is not something he can do for Max anymore but he can do it for Dean. He lays a hand on his shoulder to steady him. “What is it, Dean?”

“Hell,” Dean says after a long moment and Logan cannot recall a more broken sound, like shattering glass on the still air. “It’s Hell.” His voice is getting stronger, but the tension in his frame is far from gone. “This shouldn’t be here.”

“Hell?” Logan repeats. “The Pulse was one thing but--”

“This shouldn’t be here!” Dean snaps. “This didn’t happen. It wasn’t like this when I woke up.”

“Something changed,” Logan guesses. “Something changed when this thing swapped you for Alec. Because you weren’t there. Castiel said he was going to try and shield us from it. So everything around us is changing, but we’re staying the same.”

“We’ve got to get it back,” Dean mumbles. “We can’t let—this can’t happen.”

“You’re going to have to tell me what happened back in 2009,” Logan says. He is a problem solver. He always has been but he cannot do this without the facts. “After I left. Sam told us to get behind him and then there was light.”

“Sam killed Lilith,” Dean says listlessly. “He thought it was the Right Thing.” He laughs dryly. “I was rooting for it.”

Logan thinks of the girl in red who still haunts his dreams. “Can’t say I’m sorry to hear it.”

“The armies of hell were trying to break the sixty-six seals. Cas said they were like locks. Last one breaks and the Devil busts out of Hell. Sam icing Lilith turned out to be seal number sixty-six.”

“You said it was three months after that. What happened?”

“Cas dropped by.” Dean sounds like he’s reciting the story. Like he’s on autopilot. Like he’s already resigned himself to Hell. “Told me the angels thought it was all part of a divine plan. A war that would end with eternal paradise or damnation. He tried to stop it and they dropped him from their ranks. Blacked him out from angel radio. I don’t know much except the Devil’s out and I’m supposed to be the only one who can stop him.”

“That’s a hell of a lot to put on one guy’s shoulders.”

“Tell me about it.” Dean lets out a snort of laughter. “You know I spent four months in Hell. Never told you that whole story, did I? Four months feels like forty years. By the time the angels pulled me out, I was practically dark side. I can’t do this again. We need to do something. Now.”

“We need to find Max,” Logan says. He is moving through a haze. Walking by his own power but he isn’t used to it. No matter how strained their relationship was Max was a constant. He needs a constant right now. He’d leaned on Dean the first time, but this time it is Dean who needs his support. There is nothing available for him to hold onto.

“Thought she was looking to kill us if we made an escape attempt.”

“That was the yesterday,” Logan says. “This is a whole new world.”


They move slowly outside and into the sickly green light. There are screams off in the distant. Logan can barely hear them but to Dean with Alec’s borrowed hearing, they must sound impossibly loud. He’d been half afraid that their location had changed completely during the night but after a moment Logan was able to recognize the ruins of Terminal City.

Terminal City has always been run down, the buildings in disrepair, but over the past two years, the transgenics had installed a sort of order to them, a working chaos. They weren’t this made maze of burnt out shells in front of him. That was impossible.

Only it isn’t impossible. It’s right in front of him.

Dean is lagging a step behind him and Logan is half afraid that if he isn’t moving, Dean will stop there forever, stuck in the memories of his own time in Hell.

So he starts moving toward Terminal City’s weapon’s room. It is illogical to think it will be in the same places as the one he knows, even more so to think that it might actually be stocked with munitions, but he has to do something,

It feels like his feet know the way even though his mind is still foggy with confusion. He dodges through the wreckage at a pace just short of a run, stepping nimbly like his body has been doing this his whole life even if his brain has not.

Almost miraculously, there is a room left untouched. Logan knows how to get through, knows how to pick out the nearly hidden doors that open into a rather impressive munitions stalk. Logan stops as soon as he gets in side, almost in awe. He’s accumulated a modest arsenal against the supernatural over the past three years but it was nothing like this. There were hex boxes and sawed off shot guns and an array of different charms strewn throughout.

“This looks like one of Dad’s old places,” Dean mumbles.

The door closes heavily behind them. Logan jumps at the sound.

“Hello?” he calls. “Is anyone here?”

Cavernous silence answers him.

“Max?” he calls.

Logan can just barely make out a gaunt figure with short dark hair through his smudged glasses. “Christo,” a gruff voice says.

“Christo yourself.”


It’s Max. Max coming out from the darkness with too-short hair and sunken eyes. “Yeah,” Logan says. “It’s me.”

She looks at him hard for a moment, something unrecognizable in her eyes and then, moving with what Logan has mentally dubbed the superman blur she suddenly has her arms around him, hugging him tight, her face buried into his neck.

And it’s wrong. He can’t move to hug her back. He knows the virus in all likelihood does not exist in this alternate world, but still, he cannot shake the wrongness of her touch.

“I though they’d got you.” Max mutters. “I woke up and you were just gone.”

She makes a move like she’s going to kiss him, but Logan finds himself stiffening, flinching away from it with the instinct borne of two year of non-contact. It’s not that the spark is gone, it’s that he’s trained himself to ignore it out of self-preservation.

“Well,” Dean says, breaking the silence. “This is awkward.”

Max’s head snaps away from Logan, locking eyes on Dean with a singularly predatory look he only recognizes from the photos Lydecker had sent him of the X-5 children.

“You,” Max growls, draws a knife and lunges for him.


Chapters five and six are looking like they will be longish chapters but they're also looking like they will be the last two. Buckle your seatbelts.

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Logan and Max as demon hunters...oh yes, that's the way it was meant to be all along. :)

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I will never cease to be amazed at how EASY it is to throw DA and SPN together. This is just another example. =)

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Uh-oh! That doesn't seem good!

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It's not good. Plus things will get worse shortly.

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Now isn't that interesting. Somehow this world seems even more awful and creepy for the lack of context. Can't wait to see what's next.

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Curses, now I feel silly for doing the context in the next chapter.

Glad you're enjoying this.

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Veeeeeery Innnnnteresting!

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Happy to hear you approve.

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Creepy, need to read something else before going to bed because this is so intense and strangely different.

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Oh, you know I live to give you sleepless nights. =)


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