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Title- The Fallen
Rating- pg-13 (violence)
Characters- Eventually, almost everyone you can think of. This chapter, Kate and Oz.
Summary- There's dead people being resurrected, Oz is getting visions, oh, and the world's ending.
Spoilers- General for all of BtVS, and Angel up to 5.8 (Destiny), specific for- (BtVS)Welcome to the Hellmouth, the Harvest, Passions, the Gift, Seeing Red, and Chosen and (Ats) Hero, War Zone, Birthday, Home, and general early season 5 stuff
Disclaimer- Not Joss.

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One- It starts with a vision
He strummed his guitar, humming tunelessly to a song he’d half forgotten. The darkened streets of New York offered little comfort and he was acutely aware that there was a full moon tonight. He was on a street corner, and for all he knew, he looked like one of those hobos that would play for spare change. Unconsciously, he rolled up his oversized shirt sleeves and made an honest effort to play an e-flat diminish minor cord. He cringed at the sound that came out.

“Hey, weren’t you part of the band?”

He glanced over his shoulder and looked at her. She was a couple inches taller than him, blonde hair, blue eyes, and blue jean jacket. He returned his attention to his guitar. “Nah. Their lead guitarist has mono. I was just filling in.”

She didn’t leave. On the contrary, she sat down next to him. He wondered vaguely if she was trying to pick him up. “Sorry. I just get a little bit edgy after dark.”

“Haven’t seen any vampires out tonight,” he said, fingering d-chord. “It’s pretty much only werewolves.”

“I’ll steer clear of central park then.”

He couldn’t help but smile and turn to her.

“I’m Kate.” She offered him a hand, which he took.


She looked pained for a moment. “I really need some company tonight. Do you want to get coffee or something?”

“I’m sorry,” Oz said softly, “you’re really not my type.”

“Trust me,” Kate said with a laugh, “You’re not my type either. Never was very big at hitting on werewolves.”

Oz blinked. “Sure. Coffee’s good.”

“So you’re a cop?”

“Something like that.” She brushed a strand of hair back from her face. “There’s some sort of demon after you.”

“Wow,” Oz muttered dumbly. “Just like I’m back in Sunnydale.”

“That’s the town that caved in.”

“Yeah. It was on top of a hellmouth.” Oz took a sip of his coffee. “We had to blow up to school once. The town was just the next step.”

“Any idea why someone would want to kill you?” Kate wrinkled her nose. “And it’s a full moon, why aren’t you…”

“Long story. Has to do with a…” he was cut short by a blinding pain, and he convulsed and slammed down on the table.



Somewhere by the docks in Las Angelus, where a ship called the Quintessa once rested, a man fell out of nowhere. He hit the water with a splash and sank. A minute later, his frail form appeared, and he gasped for breath…


Across town in a Wolfram and Hart hospital, a nurse gasped as a young woman disappeared from her hospital bed…


In the an abandoned warehouse that was doubling as a shelter for a bunch of kid that were sharpening stakes, a curly hair girl suddenly appear. One of the older kids looked up. “Alonna?”


In the crater that used to be Sunnydale, a dark haired youth sat, dazed in the rubble. “What happened to the Bronze?”


Where the oldest of the Sunnydale graveyards used to be, a raven haired woman straightened up, rubbing her neck in confusion.


A mousy haired witch sighed as she checked her own pulse. “Willow, what have you done?”


A block away, where Sunnydale high school used to stand, a very pissed of ex-vengeance-demon brushed the dust off of herself and examined the scar going through her shoulder. “I guess the world did go to hell.”


Some things entirely different and far less benign stirred as well. The master’s fractured bones, which had been unearthed in the quake, slowly began to fuse together.


A man called Ben awoke in confusion.


Back in Las Angelus, a slim figure pulled out her cell phone. “This is Eve. It’s started.”


Oz jerked upright, completely taking Kate, who had a concerned hand on his shoulder, by surprise. He was slightly dazed, vague images still dancing across his eyelids.

“Oz! Are you alright! OZ!” Kate's frantic voice nearly failed to penetrate his foggy brain. “I’m calling an ambulance.”

The late night crowd at the starbucks, was watching the exchange curiously. Oz tried his best to glare at them, but he wasn’t an intimidating person by nature. “I have epilepsy,” he muttered to the crowd, the only excuse that had popped into his head.

“I’m still calling the hospital,” Kate told him sternly.

Oz shook his head and grabbed for his guitar case. “I’ve got to go.” His head was pounding, and everything somehow seemed magnified. “I…” A vein pulsed above his left eye. “Thanks for the coffee Kate.”

He hurried out of the coffee shop.

Kate caught up with him three blocks later. “You’re going to tell me what this is about.”

“Kate I have no idea what this is about.”

“You’re not epileptic.”

His grip on his guitar tightened, almost like he was using it as a lifeline. “I saw something.” He realized how insane it sounded and closed his eyes. “I need to get to LA.”

“Well I’ve been saying you should get out of New York all night,” Kate inserted dryly. “I don’t think you want to run into what’s stalking you alone.”

“I can take care of myself. I just… I got to do it LA now.”

“What did you see Oz. I’ve know people who’ve supposedly gotten visions, before.”

“Something bad’s coming,” Oz muttered. “There’s people who are dead, and people who should be… and there’s something evil. I’ve got to get to LA, tell Angel about it. Maybe round up the slayerettes…”

Angel. The one familiar name was all she needed. She took a deep breath. “I’m coming with you.”

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