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Title- The Fallen
Rating- pg-13 (violence)
(other story info on chapter one)

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Five- Getting There

Two weeks ago, if you had told Kate Lockley she’d be fighting a monster aside a werewolf somewhere just east of LA, she’d have told you to get the hell out of her office. You see, two weeks ago, she was perfectly happy with a job as a consultant to the NYPD, specializing in cases of inexplicable origins.

A week ago she’d gotten a call about a series of killings and Kate had started digging. The victims had next to nothing in common except for an anomaly in their blood stream that seemed to contain traces of wolf DNA. That and the nearly complete obliteration of the bodies. Hating every moment of it, Kate had finally gone to a demon bar looking for answers, and she’d found them. Someone had taken out a hit on a werewolf, they were looking for one that knew the slayer. Speculation about exactly which werewolf it was. Kate, remembering a conversation she’d had with Cordelia, had instead begun looking for any werewolves associated with Sunnydale. A few days later, that had lead her straight to Daniel Osborne; Sunnydale native who’d dropped out of college in his freshman year. Kate could only assume he’d been going through some major changes.

A day later she’d found him on a curbside, fully intending to tip him off and let him deal with the problem on his own. But she’d gotten sucked in. Just like she’d gotten sucked into Angel’s world and she just kept sinking deeper in.

Oz was the opposite of what she’d believed a werewolf should be. He, for the most part was calm, in control and likable. Kate hadn’t expected that. She hadn’t expected to be here. She hadn’t expected to ever go back to LA. She hadn’t expected the monsters to catch up to them. She hadn’t expected… hell she hadn’t expected any of it.

The thing rammed into the car again and she was struck with the sickening knowledge that even if it was Oz it wanted, it would have no qualms about killing her as well. And she knew that she shouldn’t have gotten involved. She shouldn’t be here.

But she had to be here. If not, Oz would… She glanced over her shoulder at the werewolf who was cradling his broken arm with a slightly pained expression. She swallowed. “Where are those swords?”

The response came immediately, “Behind my chair.”

Kate leaned back in her chair, pulling out a trunk and unlatched it hurriedly. Grabbing a few swords from it, she took notice of the contents. “Squirt guns?” she asked, even though it was not the time to be making jokes.

“Holy water,” Oz explained shortly.

Kate couldn’t help but be impressed by the ingenuity of it. “Long range vampire attacks?” She handed him a sword.

Oz squinted out the broken glass of the side window. “This isn’t a vampire after us.”

After you! Kate’s brain screamed. It’s not after me at all! Her throat was dry and the mere act of breathing hurt. “We should go together, try to catch it off guard.”

Oz nodded, awkwardly, placing a hand on the door, while still keeping a hold of his sword.

Kate took a deep breath that did nothing to calm her nerves. “GO!”

What do you mean you lost them?” The voice was commanding and harsh even on the phone.

Eve had to struggle to maintain her composure. “I mean they staked that vampire you requested I send after them.”

Jenkins always was a weak one,” the voice scoffed, “Dispatched by a gypsy and human with no knowledge of the demon world. We’re probably better off being rid of him.”

“Tell that to the senior partners. It’s their apocalypse you’re running,” Eve snapped, vaguely aware that she was playing with fire.

I underestimated them. It won’t happen again.

“You won’t have much of a chance. They’re off the radar. Disappeared..”

That is unacceptable.

“Well, at least I’ve found your transport. He’s in Wolfram and Hart’s hospital. The god hasn’t surfaced yet and The Master’s currently wreaking havoc in the poorer part of the city.”

Bring him in. He’s had his fun.

“Happy to.” Eve smirked. “I’ll collect Ben as well. Are there any possible… obstacles we should be watching out for.”

Daniel Osborne is being taken care of. I’ll be keeping an eye on Anyanka and the Witch. It’s your job to keep the rest in check. And when we put the plans in motion, they won’t be able to do a thing to stop it.

“Affirmative.” Eve grinned into the phone. “This is going to be fun.”

This is not about fun. This is about destruction.


The thing was enormous. That was Kate’s first impression of it. Just immense size. Shortly after, she began to notice the other details. Thick skin, a single gigantic blood red eye in the middle of his head. The head itself was flat topped and Kate could easily picture it ramming into the side of the van. It’s hands were closer to foot long claws.

All in all, it didn’t look like a couple of swords would do anything to stop it. Oz had already begun to move forward at a much faster pace than Kate would have expected of him. She paused for a moment before dropping her sword and pulling out her gun, firing a round into the thing’s chest. It stumbled, but didn’t really slow down. She wondered why she had expected it too.

It turned it’s attention away from Oz and onto her with a feral grunt. Oz, taking advantage of it’s momentary distraction swung his sword. The thing’s left arm fell to the ground. Oz looked at it blankly and then back at the monster. Kate could tell he was waiting for something.

The monster slowly began to regenerated another arm. Oz blinked in surprise and after a second went at it again. He took a swing at it but the thing caught his sword and threw him against a tree. Kate froze, still holding her useless gun, looking for any weakness. She picked her sword back up, holding it defensively in front of her, thinking that if this was the real world, she’d executed a tactical retreat and call for back-up.

She felt a slight bit of relief when she saw Oz, stand up, however shakily, but it was short lived when the monster turned it’s sights onto her. Weak spot. She told herself Everything has a weak spot.

Oz spotted it before her. “The eye!” he choked out, charging forward to grab his sword in an unnatural burst of speed. Kate followed a step behind him with the absurd notion that the eye was too high a target for him. As it turned out, that didn’t even matter, with a single swing of it’s arm, it sent them both flying towards the van. Oz hit the windshield, and slid down the front of the hood before crumbling into a heap. Kate was luckier. She didn’t get the full brunt of the blow. She landed a few feet in front of the van.

She could hear the thing stomping up towards them and she remained motionless, feigning unconsciousness. Eyes trained on the body of the werewolf (dead? He couldn’t be dead could he?), she noted that his sword was only an arm’s length away.

The shadow of the thing was right on top of her and involuntarily, the crime scene photographs of its past victims invaded her. It prodded her with a clawed hand and Kate involuntarily shivered. The thing roared and raised it’s fist, holding her in place with a weak half regenerated arm. Instinctively, Kate reached out and grabbed the sword, spinning so she could face the thing, jabbing blindly at its face. She felt the thing’s fist connect with the side of her head and only a fraction of a second later, the sword connected with the beast, but she was afraid that it might be too little too late. Her vision had gone red. She though she heard the monster stumble back, howling in agony, but she didn’t know if it was real or her imagination.

Slowly the redness faded to black and Kate lost the fight to stay awake.

“What do you mean you can’t do anything? He’s in you’re bloody hospital.”

Angel set down a heavy stack of paper. “Spike, I’m not going to kill an innocent guy.”

“He good as killed Buffy!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Angel snapped, “You’re telling me that the guy down in the hospital on life support, is going to change into some psychotic Goddess.”

“About time you sussed it out. I’ve been going on about it for the last bloody hour!”

“I don’t know why I expected better from you,” Angel said sharply. “Seems like a soul didn’t make any difference.”

“This isn’t about my bloody conscious. This is about the ticking time bomb whose life your people are saving.” Spike paused as he realized he was standing in Angel’s desk. “Sod this.”

“Spike I’m not going to kill him. He didn’t do anything.”

Spike snorted. “Peaches, you just might be the single biggest idiot on the planet.”


Giles stared blankly at the page in front of him. It was one of the few volumes they’d managed to recover from the rubble of the council. Some of the text was burnt nearly beyond recognition, but it appeared to be a page from the notorious Prophesies of G’hisnakau.

He remembered some of the older watchers mention it during his training, saying that the prophesy, should it come to pass would be… of cataclysmic proportions, to say the least.

He stared out the window at the scenery, wondering just when the blasted plane would land before returning his attention to his pad of paper where he had managed to translate a single phrase from the nearly ruined document. ‘and the fallen shall rise.

Exactly what it meant was a mystery to Giles, but for some reason, his conversation with Oz played through his head. He’d mentioned Tara. Tara who was supposed to be in trouble. Tara who was also, dead. There had never been any doubt about her death. She wasn’t Buffy. The chance of successful resurrection wasn’t even possible. And yet there were so many unanswered questions. If he’d only known all the details that caused Oz’s call and possibly the source of that information, he would have been able to make some sense of it.

He took off his glasses, and wiped them despite the fact that they were clean already. When he placed them back on the bridge of his nose, the single coherent phrase continued to stare back at him.

and the fallen shall rise.


“Doyle grab a stake,” Cordelia said hoarsely, eyes trained on the pair, “Now.”

“You still treating clients like this Cordy?” Doyle asked jokingly, even as he was scanning the room for any type of weaponry.

Jesse turned around in a panic, half expecting a vampire to be behind him. Ms. Calendar glanced at him and then back to Cordelia. “Nice to see you too.”

“You’re dead! Angel snapped your neck!” Cordelia shrieked at her before turning and jabbing a finger at Jesse, “And you! You tried to eat me! Xander said he staked you! Oh he’ll pay for lying about that one.”

Jesse froze, color draining from his face. He swayed, more from shock than from his injuries. “Dead.”

“That seems to be going around.” Doyle said, haltingly.

“Let’s think about this reasonably,” Ms. Calendar said, stepping in between Jesse and Cordelia as if anticipating some sort of adolescent fight to break out.

Still uneasy, Jesse looked intently at Cordelia. “I don’t remember trying to eat you.” He was starting to turn red. Ms. Calendar noticed it was in anger rather than embarrassment. Anger was safe. “You probably deserved it.”

“I deserved to be vampire food.” Cordelia screeched, stepping forward and pushing past Ms. Calendar.

“I’m not a vampire.” Jesse told her calmly.

Ms. Calendar looked at Doyle as if pleading for him to do something. Doyle looked at her blankly and shrugged. “You guys got a cross in…”

He was cut off as Cordelia’s fist connected with Jesse’s nose. Jesse stumbled backward, tripping over his own feet and crashed to the floor. He looked up in wordless surprise, one hand coming up to catch the blood spilling from his nose.

Cordelia stood over him. “So that’s it. You didn’t go grr or anything.”

Jesse laborously pushed himself. “Mostly, I just go ow.”

Doyle rolled his eyes. “Cordy, they’re not vamps.”

Cordelia seemed to deflate. “Sorry.” she muttered quietly, “I guess…”

Jesse braced himself against the wall. “I’m dead? I mean I sort of guessed I might have been but…”

“Want to start a club?” Doyle said darkly. “We’ve got at least three.” He looked speculatively at Cordelia. “I don’t think this can be all good. We should find Angel and figure it out. You know, before we mess up andthe worldgets blowed up or something.”

Gunn loosened his tie as he stepped out of the Wolfram and Hart offices for the first time in nearly a week. He squinted into the nearly blinding sunlight. He was supposed to be investigating the man who an unidentified assailant had dropped on their doorstep. When he found who did it, he’s sue their ass off.
He briefly hated the fact that suing them came to mind before kicking their asses, but before he could think too hard about it, he saw a flash of dark curly hair. The absurd crossed his mind. “Alonna?” It was the first time he’d uttered her name aloud in nearly two years.

He stood rooted to the spot as the figure disappeared into the busy Los Angeles street. Gunn blinked, wondering if it had simply been a hazard of being cooped up too long, because the alternative… He didn’t even dare to think about the alternative. But he still found himself straining his eyes to find the girl. Glancing around sheepishly, he sighed. “Gunn, I think you’ve just gone off the deep end.”

And he walked into the crowd.


Movement from the edge of the unfamiliar room caught Ben’s eyes and he painfully turned his head to look at the figure in the doorway. He had white-blonde hair and some of the palest skin he’d ever seen.
“The watcher said he killed you,” the man said in measured tones, cold blue eyes boring into him. “I helped him bury your body.”

“Where am I?” Ben choked. Staring at the monitors lining his bed side.

“You should be in Hell,” The man growled. “The Bit told me what you did.”

Ben focused dull eyes. “You’re that vampire.”

“Damn straight. I’m that vampire.” Spike took a threatening step forward.

“It wasn’t me doing that.”

“Glory. That’s your excuse isn’t it. Bloody hell god living in your body. You’re the same person. It’s not a sitcom or anything. It’s your life. She’s you.”

“You’re going to kill me,” Ben guessed, not really caring what the answer was.

“Believe me. I would do it in a second if I could.” Spike glared at him for a long moment before turning and walking through the wall and out of the room.

Ben blinked, briefly wondering if the medication he was on was hallucinogenic.


Willow had only felt slightly guilty for ditching the Scoobies as soon as her plane had landed but, she’d seen a tiny green light bobbing behind Dawn’s head and she hadn’t had much choice but to follow. She didn’t tell anyone why she had to leave. She could just imagine what they say. Buffy would get that far away look in her eyes, Dawn would tear up, Giles would mutter something about how it was impossible, Xander would try to crack a joke to make her feel better and Andrew would fidget guilty, knowing that it was Warren, his old partner in crime that had caused the tragedy. She didn’t want to see that.
She was also uncomfortably aware that she might be being played, and if that was the case, then whoever was doing this would be stopped. But for now… Willow dared to hope.

The bouncing green light in front of her shone like a beacon in the darkness and Willow recognized that it was leading her in the direction of Sunnydale.


Angel stood looking at him, surrounded by a pool of blood. Oz approached him hesitantly. “Oz,” His voice was pained. “Oz. I think I killed them. Cordy, Doyle, oh god, what if…”

Oz took another step forward. He noticed a sign in the background reading Wolfram and Hart.

“He’s dangerous,”a voice came from behind him. Tara’s voice. Oz turned around. She smiled. “We all are. Even who you don’t expect.” The smile twisted into a smirk. “Especially who you don’t expect. Look at him. Look at you. Look at…”

Tara’s form evaporated and a curly haired blond lady walked out of the shadows. “God. I hate this world. Nothing but tiny little humans going about their stupid little lives. And I let them stop me before.” She paused and locked eyes with Oz. “My mistake. And nothing. Especially not a sniveling little wolf like you is going to stop it. World’s going to hell. And it’s going to be a wild ride.”

Oz jerked upright, breathing heavily. He took in the unfamiliar settings. The room was small, with a single circular window cutting into the pale yellow walls, allowing a view to the outside. He was in a small, slightly dirty cot, but with all things considered it, beat the van.

Kate was sitting next to him. She looked worse for the wear, a huge bruise was forming on the right side of her face, her eye was almost swollen shut. She seemed to have cuts up and down her forearm, but there was nothing serious. “I think I killed it,” she said hesitantly, picking at a healing scrape. “I kind of blacked out there.”

“Yeah.” Oz nodded. “Me too.” He flexed his left wrist in amazement. “Shouldn’t I be hurt worse?”

“Healing potion,” Kate explained shortly and when Oz raised an eyebrow in question, she elaborated, “I don’t trust magic. Some old witch picked us up. She probably saved your life.”

Oz caught a glimpse of a figure in the doorway. He could only assume it was the old witch Kate had mentioned. She was thin, frail and gray haired. He clothes were old and in tatters. When she entered, Kate got up and stood against the wall, watching her with a distrusting eye.

“Visions invade sleep,” The old lady croaked, “only in the direst of matters.”

“Right,” he mumbled, confused. “Thanks for helping.” He stuck out a hand and by way of introduction he said, “Oz.”

“I know you, seer,” she told him. “I know all seers, but right now, you’re the important one. You’ve got to find the vampire. Warn him.”

“Who are you?” Oz asked.

“I’m a watcher. But slayers aren’t my charge.” Her eyes gleamed. “I watch seers. It’s my job. Not to intervene, but to watch. I make sure things work. I tell the powers about them. You are out of place. I will send you to the vampire.”

“What happened to not interfering?” Kate snapped, arms crossed and suddenly, it was easy for Oz to picture her as a cop questioning witnesses.

“There are rules. Rules broken. Balance upset. Things are out of balance as they are, but the rules of engagement that should not be broken. They broke a rule, so I intervene.”

“What exactly is happening?"Oz asked, “I got the cliff notes, I guess. But no where near close enough to make sense of it.”

“I’m not permitted to say,” she replied, eyes twinkling. “Simply intervene.” The door to the room opened, and Kate and Oz both winced as pure white light invaded their vision.

Oz stood up and looked at Kate. “The way to LA.”

Kate strained her eyes for another glimpse of the old lady, but she seemed to have disappeared. “What do we have to lose?”

Together, they walked into the light and just a second later found themselves on the doorstep of Wolfram and Hart.


“This is it,” Buffy muttered to herself the Hyperion, not knowing why she couldn’t make herself go inside.

“What’s the hold up Buff?” Xander asked from behind her. “It’s not like dead boy’s still living there. He’s busy running an evil law firm.”

“Ah,” Andrew reminisced, “fighting evil from the belly of the beast, not knowing that the very evil they fight against has begun to consume them.”

Dawn smirked. “I think Andrew’s read about fifty comic books in the past 5 hours.”

“Did not!”

“Oh you so did. I was counting.”

“The fact that you were counting is almost more troubling than his reading them,” Giles snapped. His eyes softened as he turned to Buffy. “We can find another hotel, Angel’s hospitality was generous, yes, but as Andrew so inventively pointed out, we cannot be sure he’s still on our side.”

Xander adjusted his eye patch to cover up his reaction, before stepping across the group and saying, “Whatever happened to the old fighting spirit. If Angel’s evil we’ll kill him. See? Everyone wins.”

Buffy whacked him playfully on the shoulder and breifly berated herself for feeling the need to pause at the door. She followed him inside.


She found them walking on the side of the road.

They were dirty, dehydrated and exhausted. But they were alive. And that was enough.

Willow pulled over the car about twenty miles from the crater that used to be Sunnydale and she got out. The road was deserted in either direction, the novelty of the collapsed town having disappeared into obscurity months ago, but there were two figures walking. They must have been walking for days.

She stares at them both, car door hanging open beside her, a tangible reminder that her mouth was probably hanging open as well.

“Well it’s about damn time,” Anya groused and that was enough for Willow to know that they were there. Anya and Tara. Alive.

Tara stumbled forward and hugged her tight and for a second, Willow was so startled that she didn’t respond, but then she hugged her back, tears welling up in her eyes and for just a split second, things were perfect. Tara buried her face in her hair and whispered, “You found me.”

Anya groaned loudly, braking the moment. “As happy as I am that neither of you are dead, I’d rather not watch your immensely enjoyable reunion sex.”

Willow, slightly embarresed, disentangled herself from Tara and straightened up. “We’ve got to get to LA.”


The next time Ben opened his eyes, he wasn’t in the hospital. He was in what appeared to be one of Glory’s favorite swanky hotels. He rolled over, surprised that he could move. He got to his feet and stumbled to the door. He didn’t want to be here. Didn’t want Glory’s minions bustling around. Just wanted to live normally. Be Ben.

He reached for the door handle and pulled it open, fully intending to run, but there was someone there. She was short- brown hair and blue eye and a mousy demeanor. “Who the hell are you?” Ben gasped.

“That not very nice. You should at least invite me in.” She stepped through the door. “Not that I’m undead or anything. I did save your life after all. Spike would have found a way to kill you.” She smirked. “Then again, it’s not you we wanted to save.” Holding out a hand she said, “My name is Eve.”

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