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I went to Boston over halloween to visit bff. It was lovely despite the fact that it slushed on us pretty much the entire time. We did a ghost tour on actual Halloween as well as the customary horror movie marathon. (The line-up: Daybreakers, You're Next, Event Horizon, and Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil. Was a quality day for film.)

Appear to have been sucked into comics. Have been binge reading Deadpool. I regret nothing but I blame this for the gratuitous violence of my most recent nano scene.

Oh yeah, nano. This year is the valiant attempt to finally finish the Fucking Space Opera Stowing Away. It's going well for the moment though I'm pretty sure I will have to rewrite every single sentence at one point. Here is my word count thingie. I know it's completely obnoxious to post it when you're actually on par, but I'm doing it anyway:

25564 / 50000 words. 51% done!

ALSO I'm having one of those moments where it occurs to me that this worth noting. I entered ENEMIES LIKE THESE in a contest thing. If you have a second and an Amazon account, it would be awesome if you could vote for it: HERE.

(Also, hi f-list. How many of you guys are still out there or has everyone jumped ship for tumblr? I WOULD MUCH RATHER BE HERE THAN TUMBLR)