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This post will make sense soon:

A quick primer on hockey:

Teams play 5v5 with a goalkeeper. Teams usually run with four lines of three forwards and three defensive pairings. Shifts last roughly forty seconds before a line change sends out fresh legs. The game is three twenty minute periods with intermissions in between.

A penalty sends one player off the ice for two minutes while the other team plays with a man advantage. If you are the team that is up a man, this is called a power play. If you are down a man you are on the penalty kill. Games are often won or lost on the power play.

A check is usually NOT a penalty.

Fighting happens on occasion and is considered just part of the game.

The regular season runs from October to April. The post season is all seven game series and runs until mid-June. The winner gets Lord Stanley's Cup which has by far the coolest history of any sports trophy.

Any questions on the hockey terminology or confusion regarding the hockey!au can be asked here. I should be able to answer.