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Title: Things that Never Happened
Disclaimer: Not mine
Characters: The Marauders
Rating: PG
Warnings: several different AUs that don't really connect
Summary: Ever wonder what would happen if things had gone a bit differently for the marauders? AU.
author's note: Originally posted this January on my fanfiction account. I'm sure this style has been done before, but I'm taking a crack at it.

Things that Never Happened


Remus Lupin’s hands shake as he undoes the wax seal on the letter from Hogwarts. He’d been waiting for the letter ever since his parents sent the headmaster a plea for his admittance nearly four months ago. He trembles with excitement as he unfolds the paper… had they really let him in? The letter had the same weight and consistency that his parent’s old Hogwarts letters had. He forced himself to look down and read.

Dear Mister Lupin,
It is with great sorrow that I am forced
to deny your admittance into Hogwarts. Due
to the nature of your unfortunate condition…

Remus drops the letter and something breaks inside him. His father looks at him and doesn’t need to ask what the letter says. He looks at his son, slowly picks up the letter and tosses it into the blazing fire. “Headmaster Dippet is just trying to keep his students safe.”

Remus watches his letter burn.

Sorting Hat

Sirius Black pulled the sorting hat down over his eyes, waiting impatiently for something to happen, feeling the eyes of the entire year on him.

“Well Mr. Black,” a voice whispered into his mind, “You are a strange one. Brave, vengeful, daring, ambitious, you could be in Slytherin or Gryffindor and do well in both, but I think you are best suited for Gry…”

“Wait!” Sirius said in a panic, “You can’t put me in Gryffindor! My whole family’s Slytherin! They always have been. I can’t be in a house with mudbloods and traitors.”

For a long moment the sorting hat was silent. “Are you sure that this is what you want Mr. Black? I believe your destiny may lie in Gryffindor, but I would never put a student in a house that they do not wish to go.”

Destiny was not a meaningful word to an eleven year old boy. Sirius closed his eyes.

“Very well” sighed the sorting hat. “Better be Slytherin!”

Joining his new housemates and reveling in the cheers, he sat down to watch the sorting.

“Look at them all,” said Severus Snape sitting down next to him and staring at the Gryffindor table with distaste. “Gryffindor. Home of those unfit to even use magic.”

Sirius’s eyes lingered on a group of Gryffindor first years for a second an odd feeling welling inside him. He quashed it immediately, turning back to Snape. “Can you imagine being sorted into Gryffindor? I think I’d leave.”


He’d asked her out every day since third year and every single time, he’d been shot down. ‘Not if you were the last man alive’ ‘You insufferable prat!’ ‘James, just, no.’

He had asked her out every day since third year and every day she’d found a new way to insult his manhood and break his heart.

“She’s not worth it, mate,” Sirius told him repeatedly, “we’ve got a castle full of fish to choose from. Besides who’s to say she doesn’t swing the other way? Sure she’s not going out with you, but when’s the last time she’s gone out with anyone else?”

“Long time,” said James watching Lily over Sirius’s shoulder, “she’s not going with anyone.”

As he watched, Lily strode across the common room to the table where Remus and Peter were studying and said, “Remus? Will you go to the Yule Ball with me?”

James’s jaw dropped and Remus blanched and began stammering about how it was James who loved her and James who she should ask, but Lily only listened with a smile and repeated the proposal.

James stormed out of the common room unable to watch anymore.

And the last thing he heard before the portrait hole slammed behind him was Remus’s stammered reply of yes.


There comes a time in every man’s life where they look at themselves in the mirror and have to face the reflection. Were they the man the boy had dreamed of? Where they something different? Could they live with the reflection?

Peter Pettigrew stared at himself in the mirror and didn’t even recognize the person who stared back. He was only twenty-one but he looked far older. His eyes had sunk back into his head and his face seemed to have begun to resemble his animagus form.

“Peter the rat,” he hissed venomously at his reflection. “Peter the traitor. Peter the Death Eater.”

He’d killed someone today. He hadn’t meant to but in hand to hand combat with an auror, wands lying on the floor ten feet away, he hadn’t had a chance to stop himself. He’d felt the skull crash with he’d slammed it into the wall.

He stared into his own sunken eyes. “Peter the murderer.”

This wasn’t a road he had intended to traveling. He had just been with a couple of guys from work who had turned out not to be good people. He was more than a little drunk. Somehow they’d ended up at a Death Eaters’ meeting and he’d woken up with a nasty hangover and the dark mark on his arm. He’d gone a long with it. He knew what they did to people who tried to quit. You don’t quit the Death Eaters and Peter didn’t want to die.

Looking at the dark mark above his elbow, he though, maybe, he already had.

The marauders had planned on going out that night and he went along just like he always had and waited for the right moment.

And when it was only him and James left in the room, he walked up to his friend and pulled up his sleeve to reveal his single biggest mistake and said, “James, I need your help.”


Six year old Harry Potter hated Halloween.

Mommy and Daddy got quiet and cried when they looked at pictures and ever since it happen the sky always seemed to cry. Two years ago, seven men in black masks had came trick or treating and one of them had hurt Daddy, making his face spill red.

Mommy came and scared them all away with some of her friends and an old man with a long white beard.

They talked about Uncle Sirius and how he must have got Caught. Daddy said Padfoot would never tell anyone and said the spell must have been broken. Uncle Moony came and took him away and he had never seen Uncle Pete since that night.

He heard words he didn’t understand like secret keeper and people who ate death, but Uncle Moony closed the door and tucked him in and started to read him The Wizard and the Dragon which he hadn’t even liked since he was a baby.

He could here them crying when they though he was asleep.

And now everyone cried on Halloween and Uncle Moony always seemed sick and Uncle Peter never came to visit and Mommy and Daddy talked about shoving wands into his brain if he ever started showin his face.

This Halloween, he caught Daddy looking at pictures of Uncle Sirius and he asked why Uncle Sirius never came to visit anymore. Daddy was surprised he even remembered Uncle Sirius but Harry would never forget his doggy back rides.

Daddy pulled him up onto his lap and said that Uncle Sirius would come up he could but he was Dead and Gone.

Harry asked why and Daddy said that he had saved them all.

In Another World

Dumbledore was dead at the hands of Severus Snape. Someone he had trusted, someone he had given his trust and Harry doesn’t understand it in the slightest. How could Snape throw all that away for someone like Voldemort? He’s never hated someone more than he hates Snape right now. Not even Voldemort.

And it burns him up to realize that at one point, his father had saved Snape’s life,

And in his darkest moments, he wishes that his father hadn’t saved Snape. That he had let him die.

In his darkest moments he doesn’t remember that it would have made Sirius a murder and Remus the monster he had always tried to hide. In his darkest moments, he doesn’t consider the consequences, he just closes his eyes and picks a star to wish on. But his wish never comes true.

But in another world things happened just a little differently.

In another world Sirius doesn’t come into the common room mumbling about what he’d told Snape.

In another world James came rushing down to save Snape just a second too late.

In another world Snape died at the hands of Remus Lupin’s wolf form

In another world Sirius goes to Azkaban for a murder he is entirely guilty of.

In another world Lupin doesn’t finish Hogwarts, doesn’t become Harry’s teacher, lives life jobless on the streets.

In another world, James still tries to reform his character for Lily, she can’t even look at him without thinking about the Whomping Willow and Snape’s body lying in a closed coffin.

And in that other world, there is no Harry Potter.

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beautifully done. Don't worry about whether or not it's been done before; you do it wonderfully. Your ending especially strikes me as particularly well done (please forgive the adverb abuse).

The organization can get a little confusing; it takes a moment to figure out the passages aren't necessarily related to one another. And the Halloween piece can get a little hard to follow. Overall, however, I love it. I like that you keep your language simply and don't try to make the entire thing "abstract" or filled with lots of imagery in order to get your point across; I think stating it simply is sometimes more effective, as it is here. At the same time, however, you don't take out all detail, which keeps the story flowing nicely. I especially liked this sentence: "Two years ago, seven men in black masks had came trick or treating and one of them had hurt Daddy, making his face spill red."

I think I'll be adding this to my memories.


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Thanks =).

This was fun to write mainly because it didn't have to connect very much. It was just supposed to be a Remus AU then a Sirius AU and so on, but that kind of also what keeps this story from being one of my personal favorites because some of it feels kind of aimless (and in all honesty it was. I wrote it over like three weeks and I don't think I ever had all the parts in the same place before posting). It also had a little bit of me playing with point of view (and I found I kinda hate kid's povs).

Sorry for the rant. =) I'm just glad you liked it. (and in all honsety, I'm never quite sure to say to detailed reviews besides thank you)