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Title: Manmade Monsters
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Supernatural is not mine, incidentally, the same goes for Dark Angel
Summary: Dean makes a kill that happens to have a barcode on the back of its neck. Lydecker is not happy. Dean-centric, crossover with Dark Angel. Prequel to What Comes Around  (1 | 2)
Author’s Note: What Comes Around originally began as a story about Dean getting kidnapped by Manticore and it evolved into something completely different, but the original concept started nagging at me again. So yeah, Dean, Lydecker, Logan and Manticore. A huge thanks to [profile] mayatawi   for editing.

I can't believe I wrote this. I thought this verse was dead. (*headdesk*)

 The What Come Around ‘verse (complete):

Manmade Monster 
What Comes Around  1 | 2
What You See 
What You Dream About 
What Can Hurt You 1 | 2


Manmade Monsters

The kid reminds him of Sam and in the end that’s what gets him into trouble. The demon takes out both of the kid’s parents when the kid’s off looking for fire wood and Dean only just manages to fend it off before it gets the hat-trick. The kid stares at him through cracked and smudged glasses with wide green-blue eyes. He’s on the small side, kind of scrawny, but he’s got that gangly look Sam had the summer before he’d grown eight inches in nine months.

“What’s your name kid?”

The kid shuffles his feet, sits down hard on the log and stares at his parent’s mutilated corpses. “Logan,” his voice is little more than a whisper. “Logan Cale.”

“I’m Dean,” he replies awkwardly, not quite knowing what to say. What could he say? The kid and his parents had just gone on a camping trip. He couldn’t be prepared for any of this.

“The police aren’t going to believe this,” Logan says quietly. It’s a logical statement despite the atrocities in front of him, detached almost. It strikes him like the kind of thing Sammy would say. Then again, with Sam off at college, everything reminds him of his brother.

“There are a lot of things the police can’t handle,” Dean says flatly. Logan looks at the ground and he immediately feels like an ass. The kid may not be crying, but Dean recognizes the glazed look in his eyes as a kind of shock. “I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner.”

“It’s not your fault,” the kid replies tonelessly. “It’s just…” Dean can see he’s biting back tears. “You’ll get it right? Even if the police can’t?”

Something about the kid reminds him of Sam. Whether it’s the geek boy glasses or the quiet determination or just the way he looks at Dean like he’s some kind of hero. He can’t turn him down. “I’ll kill the son of a bitch that did this,” he promises. “Trust me, it’s going to pay.”

Logan nods once and bites his lip. Tears well up but he doesn’t cry.

Dean stays with him until the police arrive.


He goes in blind. It’s the kind of stupid impulsive thing Sam and John always used to stop him from doing. But they weren’t here.

Dean doesn’t know what he’s after. Rule number one of demon hunting has always been know the enemy: demons tended to need a specific method of disposal. The pattern of wounds on the bodies were similar to what a Wendingo leaves but when he’d stepped between the thing and Logan Cale, he’d gotten a look at it and hadn’t recognized it.

He should know what he’s fighting, what it wants, how to kill it, but he remember the kid biting back tears and only knows the demon needs to die. He’s got a pair of pistols in his waist band, on loaded with salt and the other with silver bullets, holy water and some lighters in his pocket and a knife in his sleeve.

He hopes to God it’ll be enough.


He gets lucky. The thing’s not bothering to cover it’s trail and he finds it within the hour, crouching at in creek bed to drink. He still doesn’t recognize it. The thing is vaguely humanoid, two arms, two legs and all that, but it’s coated in a coarse black fur and has claws where it should have hands. Dean quickly pulls out the silver loaded gun and clicks off the safety.

The demon’s catlike ears prick upwards and it jerks it’s head quickly right as Dean’s bullet whizzes by it. Dean curses violently and tries to take aim again, but the demon’s suddenly running, moving almost too fast to track. And then it’s gone completely. Dean swings his gun across the empty landscape in shock.

And then there’s a slash at his back, cutting smoothly through his jacket and two layers of shirts before connecting with skin. He hisses in pain, but forces himself into action, spinning around and slipping the knife out from under his sleeve. The thing’s moving again, a blur whizzing by on the edge of his vision. He spins slowly in place, waiting for the attack.

He thinks this is where he will die. Alone. No Sam, no Dad, just Dean.

He hopes the kid is safe now. He hopes this demon doesn’t have some sort of vendetta against his family, he’d seemed like a nice kid. He’d get over this. Probably grow up and head to college…

The demon lunged for him, landing a glancing blow to his head and he wildly thrust the knife at it’s fast moving form. It hits something, though Dean can’t tell damage it does, because the thing is out of his sight again.

“Come on,” he hears himself whisper, “come get me.”

He shouldn’t be taunting this thing, he should do research first. Find its weaknesses, find what it wants. Dad would kill him if he were here. Sam would tell him he was an idiot.

But they’d still save him.

He remembers Logan Cale’s stoicism, the glazed look in his eyes that comes right before tears.

You’ll get it right? Even if the police can’t?

And the next time the demon lunges for him, Dean grabs it and holds on.

The thing’s faster than him, stronger than him, but hand to hand at least, Dean’s just better. He gets a grip on one of the thing’s legs and just holds on, dragging it down by pure persistence.

When it’s on the ground, he kneels on its back and gropes for it’s neck and grasping it in both hands, he twists hard.

There’s a crack and suddenly the thing stops struggling. Dean rolls off of it breathing hard.

And that’s when he sees the gun aimed square between his eyes. It’s being held by a thirty-something man wearing army fatigues. Dean vaguely wonders if this whole night has been some sort of whacked up dream.

“We can do this the easy way,” says the military man, “or the hard way.”

“Bite me,” Dean replies.

The butt of the gun smashes against his forehead. “The hard way it is.”


Dean wakes up in a white. White walls, white floors, a white ceiling. The only color is a black insignia of a Manticore on the opposite wall. The door across the room is the only apparent exit. He groans and tries to raise his arm, but they’re latched down. This is quickly becoming one of his worst nights ever. “When I get out of here, I am going to kick your ass.”

“Interesting threat, considering your unfortunate predicament,” a man said, entering the room.

Dean fixes him with a stare. “I’ve broken out of places with more security than this.”

The man grins at him and reaches into his pocket. “You had quite a few unusual items in your possession when we brought you in. A few knives, lock picks, holy water, a gun loaded with rock salt.” He pulls each item out as he lists them off and Dean can’t stop his eyes from widening in horror.

“Look, I don’t know who you are…”

“I’m sorry. How rude. My name is Donald Lydecker. You’re currently in a medical care facility called Manticore.”

“Medical care facilities don’t usually have chains for their patients.”

Lydecker plows on ahead as if he hadn’t heard. “Now that I’ve told you my name, I’d like to hear yours.”

“No,” Dean says flatly.

“Fine,” Lydecker breathes and pulls a wallet from his pocket. Dean recognizes it as his own. “We’ll try process of elimination.”

He starts to go through Dean’s fake IDs, one by one, reading the name and flipping to the next one. “Jerry Wanek, Gregory Washington, Edwardo Martinez.”

The litany of names is longer than he remembers and his own name doesn’t appear once. There’s something fundamentally wrong about that. As if Dean Winchester doesn’t truly exist.

He cuts Lydecker off mid-sentence. “My name is Dean.”

Lydecker pauses and his lips curl up in what appears to be a smile. “Interesting. Dean. I don’t believe I saw that in any of your identification. I don’t suppose you have a last name.”

Dean doesn’t answer. Just stares past Lydecker and keeps his mouth shut.

“Well either you don’t know it yourself, or you’re keeping your mouth shut. But you know what, Dean?” Lydecker leans in close to him. “I don’t think it matters. Because I don’t think anyone is coming for you.”

Dean thinks of Sam in Stanford and Dad hunting in Idaho and he smiles. “Good.”

“My sentiments exactly. I will enjoy finding out what makes you tick. You’re going to do a great service to your country. You may not know it, but you’re about to become part of something big.”


Dean spends the next few days in a drug-induced haze. At least, he thinks it’s only a few days. There are no windows in the room and he’s just too out of it to keep his internal clock running. He keeps thinking of Sammy off and college and Dad off somewhere in Idaho hunting a shapeshifter without someone to back him up and Logan Cale with his smudged glasses and dead family, almost, but not quite breaking down.

Doctors keep coming and going from the room. He barely notices them except for when they draw blood. All around there are mumbles about DNA and prototypes and some of that technical genetic shit Dean can’t make heads or tails of. He tries to lash out at the doctor’s blurry, formless face but his arms are still latched to the bed.

They feed him semi-regularly and even though it’s military rations and it tastes like shit, Dean eats every bit of it. He’s got to keep his strength up if he’s going to have any shot at getting out of here.

He gets his chance sooner than he expects. A pair of nurses, one male and one female, come in one night when he’s feigning sleep. He stays as still as he can as he feels them undoing the latches on his wrists. He feels a needle sliding into the crook of his arm and makes his move.

Either the nurses are better built than he expected or he’s even more out of it than he thought. He takes the male nurse off guard, knocking the needle somewhere into the distance. He takes them by surprise, but they recover far too quickly and Dean’s more than a little overmatched. The male, a big black guy with a shiny bald head manages to catch his wrist. Dean reacts quickly, slamming his knee into the guy’s groin. He goes down hard and Dean delivers a quick kick to the guy’s head sending him out of his misery.

The female nurse hits him hard from behind and he forces himself to spin even as his breath leaked out of him. She’s nice looking, he notices despite himself. Solidly built, but not necessarily big. She’s got thick blonde hair and gorgeous dark eyes and if it were a different time and place, Dean would have her number scrawled on a napkin. But it’s not a seedy bar off of a major highway, it’s a secret medical facility that has held and drugged Dean.

And that makes it personal.

So he chokes on his chivalry and decks the girl with only the slightest hesitation.

After all, she deserves it. As far as Dean is concerned, anyone associated with this place deserves what’s coming.


His escape doesn’t go quite as planned. As a matter of fact, Dean would later qualify it as a disaster. He’s not exactly used to rescuing himself, usually Sam would break in and bail him before Dad could even figure out he was missing.

Stumbling around in the labyrinth of hallways that make up Manticore is definitely not what Dean wanted for his great escape. Alarms blare from somewhere in the depths of the building and, not knowing what else to do, Dean tries to move as far away from the deafening roar as possible.

The hallways are too small and too dark for his tastes and there seem to be bars on all the doors like he’s walking through a high security prison. He’s going to come back here after he gets out and torch the entire place. No sane medical facility kept demons in their basement.

He actually makes it to the exit, can feel the cold air on his face, can see the star speckled sky.

And then a gun presses into his neck and he stops cold.

Lydecker’s gruff tones invade his ears, “I was wondering if you’d make it this far.”

Dean spins and tries to knock the gun out of Lydecker’s hands, but the older man anticipates his move and the gun slams into Dean’s skull with a sickening crack.


When he wakes up, he’s in a completely different room and Lydecker’s standing over him with an odd look on his face. Dean scrambles to his feet, but doesn’t attack. Lydecker stares at him intently. “I’m only going to ask you this once. How did you do it?”

“You hit people hard enough in the head,” Dean says, sneering, “and they go down. It’s not rocket science.”

Lydecker ignores him. “Your DNA workup came back. One hundred percent human. Ordinary. And yet you take down X-3 386, our finest prototype to date. How did you do it?”

“Not hard. Rock salt, silver bullets, matches. What I wonder is why you guys are caught up breeding demons. That can’t be the safest line of work.”

“Not demons,” Lydecker says tersely. “Soldiers. Faster, smarter and better than anything you’ve ever seen…”

“You can’t control them,” Dean warns, “you have not idea how many times I’ve seen things like them bite the hand that feeds them.”

“I don’t think you understand, son. Those things aren’t demons.”

“So what, you run a gene-splicing business out of your basement?”

The look on Lydecker’s face tells him that his guess hit close to truth. “You’re a sick bastard, did you know that?”

“How do you do it Dean? How can you possibly take down your genetic superior?”

Dean smirks, but doesn’t answer.

Lydecker backs out of the room. “Your things are in the far corner of the room.”

Dean eyes them suspiciously. “What are you playing at?”

Lydecker smiles.

The door slams shut.

Behind him, something growls.


He realizes three problems almost immediately.

One, his weapons are on the far side of the room and standing between it is whatever fucked up chimera Lydecker and company had managed to come up with.

Two, the thing was huge. Easily bigger than the biggest Wendingo he’d ever seen and it look like the thing was probably made with a considerable amount of bear DNA. If it is half as fast as the last thing this place had cooked, he’s screwed.

Three, he’s tired. The kind of weary bone tired he hasn’t felt since the night Sam left. He doesn’t think he can stay on his feet, much less take down something twice his size without someone backing him up.

He wishes Sam where here. The two of them could take down anything the world threw at them.

But Sam isn’t here. He’s off at Stanford, playing at normal. Despite everything, Dean’s temper flares at the thought.

He latches onto that anger and eyes the bear-thing. He’s damned if he lets Manticore win.


Half an hour later, he’s half collapsed in the corner of the room, clutching his bloodied knife in one hand as he stares at the kill. He has none of the normal satisfaction he usually gets after killing a demon, just a blank void that makes him feel dirty and used.

The door cracks open and Dean struggles to his feet, ignoring the stabbing pain in his chest. He thinks he must have cracked a rib.

Lydecker’s staring at him from the doorway looking slightly less stoic than Dean’s used to. “You have a brother.”

Dean’s blood goes cold. There was no possible way Lydecker could know about Sam. He’d made absolutely sure he’d given him nothing. No last name, no mention of a father or a brother…

“Sounded like a nice kid. Seemed real worried about you.”

“Son of a bitch,” Dean hisses. “If you touch one hair on Sam’s head, I swear to God…” he brought the bloodied knife up.

Lydecker caught him by the wrist and held it firm. “If your brother is half as good as you are, this entire program is facing exposure. Needless to say, this is a situation I would prefer to avoid.”

Dean doesn’t reply.

“When we brought you in, we had no idea anyone would be looking for you.”

“If you do anything to Sammy, I swear…”

“One disappearance, we can cover, but two? With a definite connection linking them? We can’t risk that kind of exposure. So I’m going to offer you a deal.”

Dean narrows his eyes.

Lydecker swallows. Dean watches his throat and thinks of how easy it would be to just slice it open then and there. But he doesn’t kill humans. “You’re going to call your brother and make sure he doesn’t get curious and come investigate this little project and I’m going to let you go and you’re going forget this ever happened.”

“Why the hell,” grits Dean, “would I agree to that?”

“Because if you don’t,” Lydecker says calmly, “it’s Sammy I’ll be using as a lab rat.”

Dean fights down his anger and hold Lydecker’s gaze. If this was just him and Dad, he’d tell the older man he could eat shit, it’s Sam in danger, not John. And if anything happens to his brother, Dean would never be able to forgive himself, so he grudgingly offers a hand to Lydecker. “You’ve got a deal.”

The hand shaking his makes him feel like he’s made a deal with the devil.

They give him back his clothes, his weapons and his identification and they watch him as he makes the call to Sam. He keeps it short and simple and tries not to look at Lydecker as he talks.

When he’s finished, Lydecker gives him an almost paternal look. “Take care of yourself, son. You could be a damn fine soldier.”

Dean gives him a look of pure disgust. “I hope your monsters decides to eat you.” He flips up the collar of his jacket and walks slowly and deliberately away.


He manages to ignore almost all thoughts of Manticore for almost nine years and then one day, Sam’s shoving a paper in his face and demanding information about possible offspring.

Nine kids had run away from an orphanage in Wyoming. They have pictures, but no names. His eyes latch onto a quote. Colonial Lydecker saying that all he wants is to get these kids back to safety. Dean feels his throat clench.

“Second from the end,” Sam insists, jabbing a finger at one of the pictures (Christ they look more like mug shots than photographs). “It could practically be you.”

But Dean hardly hears him. He closes his eyes and tries to forget the voices whispering about DNA and gene-splicing. Son of a bitch, he thinks, but keeps his face blank, that son of a bitch.

“I think there’s a werewolf in Utah,” he tells his brother tonelessly. “They’ve found a couple mauled bodies outside of Salt Lakes. Worth checking out.”

Sam eyes him suspiciously as he carefully folds up the paper and pockets it.


He sneaks out the next morning before Sam wakes up and heads to the post office. He’d found the address he needed after a few hours on the computer last night. Logan Cale would probably be nearing his twenty-first birthday by now and Dean felt a little guilty dropping something like this on the kid, but he telling Sam was out of the question and he suddenly couldn’t stand the idea of keeping this to himself.

Besides, the kid apparently got himself into journalism. Dean had found a few stories with his byline scattered across the net. Who better to go after Manticore than a journalist? Dean’s just a guy a rock salt loaded shotgun.

He scrawls a hasty message on a spare scrap of paper and staples it to the article.

The note reads in glaring block letters. The kids are from a genetics lab in Wyoming. It’s called Manticore.

He shoves the paper into an envelope, seals it shut and shoves it in the mail box with only the slightest hesitation. He doubts anything will come of it, but he walks away feeling better than he has in years.



A few notes on the Dark Angel cannon relating to this story.
- It was never specifically said how Logan’s parents died.
-In the pilot, Logan says, “I got an anonymous report a few years ago about a covert genetics lab in the Wyoming mountains...”
-Logan’s pretty damn nice to Alec considering when he met him, he had a gun to his head.

So yeah, this, minor timeline fudging asides, could be exactly what happen. )

There may or may not be post What Comes Around fic in the works. Because, I as you know, have no willpower when it comes to this verse.

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20/8/06 04:08 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Nice. I really like this Dean's POV piece.

The butt of the gun smashes against his forehead. “The hard way it is.”

yeah. He had to have expected that. :)


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21/8/06 00:21 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Aw. Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Ps. It was your Ben and Sam fic that was finally the last straw in sending me back to this story. Which I'd be annoyed at if I hadn't loved your fic so dearly.

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21/8/06 02:23 (UTC)
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I'll take that as the highest of compliments.

I love it when creative energy just goes around and around.

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22/8/06 02:44 (UTC)
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I just wish my creative energy would have not come when I was doing my chem summer assignment. Seriously, fic is the best procrastination EVER. =)

(But I finished that now, so no worries and guilt-free fic the rest of the summer! Woot!)

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20/8/06 18:28 (UTC)
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I like that. You've got Lydecker's issues down pat.

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21/8/06 00:29 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Thanks. Lydecker was hard for me to get straight. On the show he was very abiguious and I wasn't sure of how much evil I wanted to put in this story. Glad I managed to strike a balance. =)

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21/8/06 04:07 (UTC)
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I never really saw him as evil so much as Like blue cheese. Everyone tells you that it's good, but that doesn't stop the fact that THERE IS MOLD ALL THROUGH IT OMGICKY!

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22/8/06 02:45 (UTC)
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Hey, I love blue cheese. Almost as much as I love Lydecker. =) hee.

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22/8/06 04:34 (UTC)
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I don't like it, but I think Lydecker is waaaaaaaaaaaaay cool.

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20/8/06 22:51 (UTC)
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Paige, Paige, Paige.

When you write more crack!fic, or something even related to the crack!fic, you e-mail to beta it. Because I'm like your...pusher. Or supplier. Or client. Something. I'm not really sure, but regardless, I didn't get to beta this. And I am sad.

But not too sad, because the Absolute Awesomeness of this completely made up for it. This is so good. So very good. I love all the little connections you make between the two 'verses. It brings the stroy to a whole other level of greatness.

(One semi-complaint: I keep reading the title as "Marmalade Monsters" which just keeps making me giggle. Me + the Doctor Who ep "Fear Her"=a warped brain, apparently)

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21/8/06 00:34 (UTC)
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Claire, Claire, Claire.

If I had consulted you when writing this, it would have grown and grown and grown and instead of having 3500 words of crack, there would have been something like another 10,000 words like with what happened last time.

Liked the connections, huh? I thought it was just some unnecessary!Logan!Angst! but hey, Logan angst is where it's at (in DA and VM)

And there may or may not be 500 words of started crack!fic follow up and if it does (oh god I hope it doesn't, I have summer assignments) expand, you will be the first to hear about it. Promise. I would never forget my pusher. =) Forgive me?

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PS. That 500 words of crack follow up is now more like 2000 words of crack follow up. *tugs collar* this is a good thing, right?

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27/8/06 02:19 (UTC)
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It's fun for me!

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24/8/06 23:49 (UTC)
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awesome! This works perfectly with the DA canon (as far as I remember it *gg*) and one of the best explanations I've seen so far on how it comes that Alec and Ben look like Dean (in spn/da fics).

Very, very good! Thank you so much for this!

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27/8/06 21:38 (UTC)
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Thanks for reading!

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26/8/06 21:49 (UTC)
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You know, I've seen a grand total of two Dark Angel episodes, and your stories are now making me wonder how I can get my hands on the box sets. I love protective Dean!

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27/8/06 21:40 (UTC)
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your stories are now making me wonder how I can get my hands on the box sets.

Well I've got to be doing something right. =)

I highly recommend Dark Angel. Especially season 1. It tails off in season 2 (but there is regular Jenson Ackles in s2) but it's still very good.

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10/10/06 04:19 (UTC)
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OMG, I will give you my firstborn if you write more in this universe. Serious, finding these two fics has totally made my year. I'm such a crossover whore and have been waiting for a good DA/SPN crossover for ages. I love how everything slotted so neatly into canon. That's so hard to do when you're piecing together separate universes. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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15/10/06 01:23 (UTC)
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No need for the firstborn. This verse highjacks my brain every now and then and I've got half of a post What Comes Around fic on my harddrive. It's taking a bit of a backseat to Pocketful of Lies ( (a straight Supernaturalless DA fic) but it's slowly coming along.

Cossovers that butcher cannon have always been a pet peeve of mind which is why I'm really happy no one has noticed my minor timeline fudging. =) It's there but well hidden.

Really glad you enjoyed this and in terms of a GREAT SPN/DA crossovers, I steer you in the direction of [ profile] ladyjanelly's Today's Tom Sawyer (part one) (, part 2 ( and the sequel . Sam and Ben. Very cannon friendly for both shows. (

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19/11/06 01:44 (UTC)
mf_luder_xf: (SPN devil inside)
Posted by [personal profile] mf_luder_xf
This little world. WOW. I loved both the original and the prequel. You managed everyones voices down pat. I could see it all happening.

And Alec and Asha...*cries a little*

Beautifully told, intriguing, and just wonderful. And baby!Logan!!

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19/11/06 20:18 (UTC)
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Aw. So glad you liked it. As far as I'm concerned, the DA verse is Supernatural in the future. =)

You'll probably be interested to know that I'm working on a follow-up to What Comes Around as we speak. It's currently around 2,000 words and growing slowly. I'll probably be working on it after I do my lab write-up because I need a break from my WIP....

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19/11/06 20:41 (UTC)
mf_luder_xf: (Default)
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Oh, I am very excited to hear that!! Can't wait to read! :-D

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28/11/06 16:35 (UTC)
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Fuck LJ. I just typed out a long-ass comment, and the fuckers ATE IT.

Let's see if I can say the same thing in about half as many words.

1) I absolutely loved both this story and the first one. Loved them. I rarely leave feedback for fic, because I kind of suck like that, but these were just too good not to.

2) Please don't take this as insulting or presumptuous in any way, but I noticed a few mechanical errors as I was reading-- nothing wrong with the stories themselves, just a few grammar issues and some tense shifts. Would you mind terribly if I were to edit the stories-- again, not for content, just the fiddly mechanical bits?

Maybe I'm just getting way too into my creative writing classes, because I kind of want to edit everything I read nowadays. But I wouldn't even presume to offer, except your writing is so unbelievably good, it's such a shame to have such easily-fixable mechanical issues to distract the reader.

So, um, I hope you're not offended in any way, and I'll probably go hide in a corner now, but if you're willing to let me, I'd love to edit these two stories. Because they're so amazingly well-done, and they deserve to be presented that way.

::crosses fingers-- DAMMIT LJ, LET ME POST::

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29/11/06 02:03 (UTC)
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No offense taken at all. I freely admit that I'm a little slack on the edits myself (OK, I completely suck at them...) and I didn't actually get this thing beta-ed . I'd love to have another pair of eyes go over this. Thanks so much for the offer =). No need to hide in that corner of yours.

I'm glad you enjoyed the stories. Sorry about my grammar lapses.

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1/12/06 03:00 (UTC)
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I only just realized you've friended me. I've added you back. =)

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1/12/06 03:38 (UTC)
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I finished WCA, where should I send it?

(my email's pantheatrical [at] gmail [dot] com, if you want.)

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1/1/07 00:01 (UTC)
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I don't know a lot about Dark Angel, but I can't wait to see what you plan on doing with this. ::runs off to read the rest::

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10/1/07 21:58 (UTC)
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Thanks for reading. (And for the record, DA is definitely worth watching if you find the DVDs around. Season one (thought largely Ackles free) is just consistantly awesome....)

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4/1/07 06:21 (UTC)
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I love this explanation for Logan knowing about Manticore.

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10/1/07 21:59 (UTC)
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Thanks. Glad it worked for you.

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5/1/07 23:19 (UTC)
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Just feedbacking the other parts of this series...not trying to stalk!

I love Dean SO MUCH in this story. He's so protective of Sam and his dad, but Sam in particular, that it gives me warm fuzzies. He's so kickass, too. I love that he beat the crap out of the Manticore transgenics.

I really like the tie-in with Manticore, too - that Alec looks like Dean because he's a souped up genetic clone. And that Logan finds out about Manticore this way. Excellent!

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10/1/07 22:02 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
No worries, I love hearing FB.

I think the Manticore thing fit so well because it's totally cannon. The shows really do mesh surprisingly well. They've got the same gritty sort of texture...

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14/2/07 06:32 (UTC)
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As a die hard DA fan... and a devotee to anything Supernatural... this kills me. It's just that perfect :D I am so psyched there's more of it to read! Your Dean portrayal is awesome - the way you fit him into the DA world, and the DA world into the Supernatural world is brilliant. And the thought that Alec and Ben, etc. came from Dean? I think I love you! ;D

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18/2/07 03:21 (UTC)
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Hee! Thanks!

(OMG! die hard DA fan! Most of the SPN fans who know of DA were turned on late by the Ackles, good to see someone else who was all about DA first.)

Dean was sooo the DNA donor for the X-5s. It's practically cannon. *bounces*

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18/2/07 07:26 (UTC)
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Wow! I was reccing "What Comes Around" to someone and came across this. (with two more parts to read, too!!) Brilliant the way this is all coming together, and the writing is so solid. I can't find a comment from me on "What Comes Around" which is not only weird, but shameful! I must've been running out or going to bed when I finished it, and hit it to favorites and forgot to comment. I apologize! Because you are amazing and I deeply enjoy this verse. Can't wait to read the next two!

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4/3/07 20:29 (UTC)
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No worries. It's always fun to here that "What Comes Aroud" is getting passed around. =) Glad you've enjoyed these.

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22/4/07 01:43 (UTC)
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So far... I Love this! Seemlessly blended.

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6/6/08 13:48 (UTC)
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Wonderful idea for a story. I can totally see that whole thing going down. Lydecker always seemed like the type who'd rather go for a deal than anything else.

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6/6/08 20:48 (UTC)
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I love Lydecker. He's such a great character because he really was all about making his project work. Good, bad, it didn't really matter what extremes to go to, he would do what was best for Manticore.

Glad you liked the story!

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5/9/08 18:54 (UTC)
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Wow. I love what you've done with this - SO nicely linked in with Logan's history. I really really loved this.

*runs off to next part*

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7/9/08 16:20 (UTC)
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=) So glad you're liking it!
(deleted comment)

Re: amazing series

4/11/08 03:43 (UTC)
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No, Uriel totally knows. The transgenics are inferior human creations so he just doesn't care. =)

Thanks for reading. (and yay! new friend)

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4/1/10 04:18 (UTC)
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Oh man, this is intense. Great story here. Poor Dean, so this is how we get Ben & Alec.

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23/10/10 21:11 (UTC)
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This explains so much! Great job tying these two universes together!

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25/10/10 12:45 (UTC)
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Thank you so much for reading! I'm glad you liked it!

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7/6/11 14:16 (UTC)
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“I hope your monsters decides to eat you.”

Take that, Lydecker.

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15/10/12 21:58 (UTC)
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Don't know how I missed this, but I love how you tied those throwaway bits into canon crossover!


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