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Title: Back to the Future Part... Murder (6/7)
Disclaimer: Psych is not mine. It should also be noted that this is loosely inspired by Life on Mars which is also not mine.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: While the SBPD tries to piece together a twenty year old cycle of murders, Shawn Spencer finds himself thrown back to 1989, as the killer surfaces for the first time.

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The subject sat in the interrogation room, his eyes following Karen Vick’s movements, even behind the one way glass. He was impossible, disconcerting like he was comprised of a thousand mistakes, cobbled together to make a person.

"He was staking out Guy Pearsons? Our witness to the cop attacks case?"

"Stalking," Henry corrected. "He was stalking Guy Pearsons."

"He’s not a cop," Vick said.

Henry nodded. "He might have a gold star for deduction and know-how but he doesn’t move like a cop and he sure as hell doesn’t talk like one."

"No he doesn't," Vick agreed. "I’ve been on the phone with Phoenix. Savage’s old station. They turned up a body a few days ago. Fingerprints and dental totally unusable but there’s a tattoo on the body that makes them think it’s Shawn Savage."

"Wait, this guy’s been impersonating a cop? He showed up with a stab wound and Savage’s badge."

"They didn’t catch the guy in Phoenix but odds are it’s the same guy they had. Three attacks on cops. One knocked out. One with his shoulder damaged to the point of uselessness and who just up and disappeared."

"But they didn’t have one disappear. He showed up here."

"As you’ve already pointed out, that man is not Shawn Savage."

"I don’t like this."

"I don’t think anyone does. And that’s not even the worst part. There was an attack in Phoenix about a week after the cop attack. A pipe bomb went off at a textile mill about twenty minutes before their closing time. Killed twelve people. They have reason to think it was the same person. He’d sent a threat with three different possibly targets a day beforehand."

"Jesus, this guy doesn’t look like he has the brains to pull something like this off. My kid could probably beat him in a poker match."

Inside the interrogation room, the Savage impostor drummed his fingers on the table, staring at Vick like he could hear every word.

"I wouldn’t make the mistake of underestimating him."

Henry snorted. "He’s a cop killer, an arsonist and an impostor. I’m not underestimating anything. I just want to see this guy burn."

"Nothing’s been prove," Vick said absently. "They don’t have an ID on the body in Phoenix but our operative theory says this is the best guess."

"I’m going to go nail the guy," Henry said, moving toward the door.

"Innocent until proven guilty," Vick muttered as she trailed him inside, unaware of why she thought it was so important.


"Gus! You’re following too close. He’s going to see us."

"Mr. Spencer, I don’t think--"

"Left! Left! You’re going to lose him."

Gus jerked the wheel sideways earning him a honk from the car behind him.

Henry threw up his arms in frustration. "Oh, great, now you’re going to have to circle the block so he doesn’t pick you up as a tail."

Pulling onto a side street, Gus turned off the car.

"What are you doing, he’s getting away!"

"I know where he lives, Mr. Spencer. Lassiter gave me the tip. And I know you were mister supercop but I’ve been doing this four years now and I’m not incompetent."

There was a long pause before Henry finally said, "Gus, I haven’t seen this side of you before."

"I’m worried about him too," Gus said. "But Shawn’s a lot tougher than he looks."

The uncomfortable silence was broken by the standard tone of a cell phone. The two men stared at one another before Gus said, "Don’t look at me, my phone plays Jay-Z."

Groping through his pockets, Henry pulled out his own phone. "Hate this damn thing, always gets me into trouble." He flipped it open. "Hello? Lassiter?"

Gus leaned toward him, trying to hear the voice on the other end of the phone. "Did they find out anything about Shawn? Did they...?"

Henry put a hand up to stop the questions. "Yes, that’s good news. Gus is with me. We’ll be back in the station."

He hung up.

"They’ve got a lead."


There was a squeak in Savage’s voice as Henry stared him down. "You think I’m the guy? Me? Have you seen the stab wound." He started to pull his shirt up, as if showing them would help his cause.

"Quite enough there, Mr. Savage. We’re well aware of your injuries. We’re just not sure of how you came to receive them."

"Oh my God. You think I got a stab wound from one of the cops this guy attacked. Have you stopped to realize that none of these cops kept a knife as a standard police issue weapon."

"But you could have used your own," Henry challenged.

"Please, if they had seen me coming, they would have shot me in the face."

"You’re not Shawn Savage," Vick said firmly. "That much we know beyond a shadow of a doubt."

Savage faltered for the first time. Vick could see the lie on his lips as it formed. "No, no I’m not but I never claimed to be that guy."

"You had his identification," Henry slammed his fist down on the table to the impostor’s flinch. "Impersonating a police office incase you didn’t realize, is a crime. And I’m having a hard time seeing any case where this doesn’t end with you being a criminal."

"I’m not your guy."

"What’s your name?" Vick cut in. "You start us off and we may be able to confirm an alibi..."

She tried to ignore the nasty look coming from Henry.

"The night of the attacks, I was getting stabbed," Savage protested. "I get that this is looking kind of bad for me but I can catch this guy, Karen. You’re just going to have to give me a chance."

"Let’s get out of here," Henry told her, tugging her towards the door.

She wanted to believe the guy. Henry must see it in her face. She didn’t want to but the not Savage was so fragile looking; pale from his exertion, breathing just a little too heavily for the amount of activity. Her gut told her he wasn’t a threat.

Savage looked like a ghost. Someone who she could knock out of existence with just a touch.


"This is your lead?" Gus snapped. "This. Really? An old case file?"

"Juliet’s been combing through the old case files ever since she woke up," Lassiter said, leading them through the station. "She’s got us a lead."

"It’s not that unusual," Henry chimed in. "I couldn’t tell you how many cases I’ve solved based on good paperwork. That’s something you and Shawn could take a lesson from."

At the mention of Shawn’s name, the room quiets, the only sound remaining was the soft rustle of paper as Lassiter pushed a file toward Henry. "Actually, the paperwork is what we have a problem with. Your paperwork."

"I worked the case with Karen almost twenty years ago. What of it?"

"You had a suspect."

"Yeah, brought him in for questioning and everything but it turned out it wasn’t the guy. The threats were called in while he was in custody."

"Take a look at the picture of him."

Henry turns open the file and his son smiles back at him.


Henry had been in the interrogation room for hours when Vick pushed the door in. The suspect, the not-Savage had his face buried in his hand. "I’m telling you, it’s not me. I was in the hospital for God’s sakes. If you just let me out, I can catch him."

"Henry," she called from the door.

"What?" Henry demanded, slamming his fist on the table. "I’m in the middle of something here."

"We just got a call, a threat."

"Not my case. I’ve got a cop killer."

"Henry, it’s from the cop killer guy. He had inside information. This man is not guilty."

"But he knows something."

"I was attacked," cut in Shawn.

"He could be an accomplice."

"Again, stab wound? Ringing any bells? The guy tried to gut me."

"He’s innocent, Henry. Hell, we have no proof that he’s anything but who he says he is."

"My name is Shawn," the suspect put in from his seat. "Swear to God it’s true. I might not be who you think I am but I can help you find him."

"Like we're going to take a murder suspect at his word."

"Jesus, did you not hear the lady say I'm innocent. I swear to God you actually seemed to have mellowed in your old age."

"Are you calling me old?"

The door squeaked and behind him one of the rookies was stammering an apology, holding out a police radio muttering about unauthorized use and how he should really listen to what was happening.

Henry snatched the radio from the kid and suddenly it was saying, "Shawn, Shawn! There's something happening."

"Lassie!" the suspect said, sitting up straighter.

"I think he's got someone back there," the voice continued, an odd mix of fear and exhilaration coloring his voice

Henry raised an eyebrow. The suspect in the chair arched toward the phone, panic etched into his features. He reached for the radio even though he hadn't even been uncuffed. He looked pathetic somehow. More like his son than a grown man. "Please," the kid said. "I can nail this guy. You just have to let me."

"I'm going in," said the voice on the radio.


"I remember this," Lassiter said, looking at the file.

"Shawn Savage," Gus read. "But that's Shawn. Our Shawn."

"He disappeared without a trace," Henry said. "Karen worked it with me. We were following up some lead on the radio and we found some kid unconscious who looked like he'd taken a beating but the guy who did it was long gone."

"Did any of you, hear me?" Lassiter repeated. "I remember this. I tried to radio him because I was going to go after the guy."

"But that's impossible."

"Juliet didn't see it," Lassiter realized. "Which means it wasn't there a few hours ago. Which means whatever's happening with Spencer back then isn't done happening."

"Which means," Gus prodded.

Lassiter dropped the paperwork and compulsively checking his holster for his gun. "Which means there might still be something we can do to help."

I swear the next chapter won't take this long. It should be up by Tuesday.

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Glad to see you continuing this!

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... yeah, it's been a while, huh. Don't worry though, my goal's to finish it this weekend. Glad you're still around for the ride.

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I just read this all in one go. I don't know how I missed it before. I like how you switch back and forth. That last section actually reminded me more of Frequency than Back to the Future. Now I must wait somehwat patiently for next Tuesday.

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You know, it's probably a good thing you missed it the first time around because I had an inexplicable two month layover between chapters. =/

Never seen frequency, but I will definitely check it out.

Thanks for reading!

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Yay more. I've been waiting for the rest of this and now I have to wait for Thursday? It better be as awesome as the rest has been.

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Tuesday if it all goes well. Tuesday before I take a road trip. Should be pretty epic. Glad you're still along for the ride. =)