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Crossposted from my other journal, [ profile] spastic_visions, in honor of that political thing going on today:

A/N: For the sake of this drabble, Jus in Bello did not happen

“Henriksen! You’re not going to believe this,” FBI agent Calvin Reidy said, “But it looks like our boys have finally come up to take a breath.”

“You’ve got to be shitting me,” Henriksen said. “Of all the days they could have picked, they decide to pick November 4th we’re going to have trouble freeing up the extra manpower if we want to move fast. What have we got? A witness? Another body?”

“Not exactly,” Reidy said, tilting the monitor back to Henriksen could see the screen.

“Son of a bitch,” Henriksen said, grabbing his jacket. “Sometimes I can’t believe that kid’s audacity. Pull as many people as you can. Looks like we’re headed to Lawrence.”

On the computer monitor, was a small notice on voter fraud Someone tried to vote using a corpses identity. Happens all the time, but it showed up that much more when the deceased was Dean Winchester.

“What I don’t get is why now?” Henriksen said as the elevator doors pinged shut. “Why hand under the radar for months only to go vote?

“Every vote matters this time, sir,” Reidy deadpanned.

“Damn straight,” Henriksen said. “Might even help find us a killer.” He shrugged on his jacket as he exited the elevator. “God, I love democracy."



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4/11/08 22:21 (UTC)
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ROFLMAO.. Dean's such a good citizen..

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21/1/09 22:33 (UTC)
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The most adorable "get out the vote" thing I've ever seen! I love Reidy's deadpan. This is made all the sweeter considering the election's outcome.