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Title: Fractured Fairy Tale
author:[ profile] trolllogicfics
Disclaimer: Not mine
Characters: Ginny, Harry, Voldemort(Tom)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: great big bloody character death, mildly Ginny/Voldemort, Ginny/Tom
Summary: It all used to look so simple... Hero beats the villian and wins the war, but real life is never that kind
author's note: The pov in this story is experimental which is just a nice was to say its completely screwed up.

Fractured Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a boy named Harry Potter.
Who was going to save the world.

But that, of course was once upon a time. Now there’s no boy, but a body rotting in a grave. There’s no hero but your brother trying to fill someone else’s shoes. No hope, no light, just people getting killed every way you looked.

And it all used to be so simple:

Hero against villain.

Man against monster.

Light against dark.

Good against evil.

And you, the girl, all alone in the middle.

The storybooks call you the damsel in distress, the heroine kept in the tower guarded by a dragon, hidden by the evil warlock.

Only the tower’s really a dungeon and the dragon’s a basilisk and the damsel’s just the bait. The magic sword’s a splintering wand. The warlock’s looking for death and the hero’s just a seventeen year old boy.

Harry’s battered and bruise when he finds you. His glasses are broken, and his robes look like they’ve been through a shredder, but he’s still alive enough to cry, “Ginny!” and stagger towards you, pulling into his arm and giving you a desperate kiss.

Then there’s the blood on your face and you wonder how Harry managed to miss the knife at his throat. He falls to his knees and the odd gurgling of his unintelligible voice and then Harry on the floor, clutching his bleeding throat and struggling less and less as the blood spurting more and more.

And you watch Harry die in that fractured fairy tale and wonder why you can’t feel anything but the ghost of his lips on yours and the oppressive silence of the tomb-like dungeon. You don’t feel Tom’s hand on your back or Voldemort’s red-eyed stare behind you and you can barely hear soft voice whispering, “You’re mine.”

And the dark lord pushes the knife against his own dead skin, and his own blood coats the blade on top of Harry’s and he presses the knife into your hands and the sharp blade to your palm and you can’t feel the pain from the cut or the foreign blood running into yours. The cut’s glowing green and you can understand the symbolism. The villain takes the hero’s girl even though you were never Harry’s to begin with.

You’ve made choice ages ago. And you’ll stand by it now, wearing your darkness like a badge of honor instead of shame because that’s what it is now. When the hero falls, you welcome the oppression because it means that the rate of the massacre slows just a little.

You know Voldemort will have you bring out the body. Proclaiming you officially as his girl. It’s all just a fractured fairy tale.

And you used to be just a girl who was in love with a boy and put her faith in a book. And when that boy didn’t see her, she wrote it all down and something wrote back and promised her power and the boy’s love. And so she poured her soul into the book and the thing in the book poured his darkness back into her, both seeping into each other, bleeding to together and binding their souls. And whether it was by intention or accident, you stopped wanting the hero and started falling for the boy in the book.

And when the hero destroyed the book, the boy who lived in it vanished and took part of her soul to the abyss, and the girl kept parts of his darkness.

And the more Harry pushed her aside the more the darkness grew and changed until it was as much her own darkness as Tom’s. Somewhere along the way, the girl stopped being the innocent and started being the deceiver.

When Tom saw the girl again, he recognized his own darkness. He decided to keep his promise and brought her a love potion that put the boy under their spell. And they carried out a plot that would damn the world to hell. It was a perfectly wonderful dark fairy tale.

The girl knew it would end with the world in chaos and loved the plot.

The love was a fraud.

The damsel the villain.

The hero the dead.

Now the knife’s in your hands.

The body’s at your feet.

The world’s at its end .

Your reign just began.

So there’s a smile on your face as you greet the grim red dawn. The girl the storybooks showed is long gone. And the one who remains looks at the dead worldand the darkness that's consumed them all.

And once upon a time there was a boy named Harry Potter.
Who was going to save the world.
But he fell in love with a girl.
Who held him in her spell.
He played at the hero.
Kissed the girl he saved.
But she cut out his throat.
And the world’s hope fell.
And that is the end of this fractured tale.

Like I said before, kind of experimental POV. Let me know what you think