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Title: In the End
Characters: Lindsey, Lorne, Angel
summary: After three months of pretending to have visions, Lindsey actually had a real one.
Disclaimer:Joss and ME. You guys know that
Author's note- Originally posted on my fanfiction account right after the Angel series finale. So May 2004.

After three months of pretending to have the visions, he actually had a real one. He guessed that it was his comeuppance for impersonating Doyle. He also knew that he could fix the ending. That is if he could just have a chance.

They'd kill the members of the Black Thorn, sure, but the backlash would get them in the end. The senor partners would send an army to stand against whoever was left.

And they'd lose. They'd go down fighting, but if they met in that back alley, they'd all die. He'd seen it.

Lindsey was surprised to find himself actually caring. For five years know he'd been fighting against Angel. Or occasionally with Angel. For five years he'd been a fence sitter, playing for both sides. Now he had finally made his choice.

He'd came down hard on the side of good. Once Lindsey made the choice, he'd known there was no going back. The fence had suddenly turned into a fifty foot wall.

Angel had said he could step into the firm when the dust cleared, be the evil he knew, but Lindsey was on his side now and he didn't plan on going back. Everything was clear know and he knew just where he stood.

He was a part of the team. The seer to replace Cordelia, the one to give Angel his link to the powers, to help him to his redemption and maybe find his own as well.

It was funny how after hating each other for so long, they were becoming almost friends. How Angel had actually swallowed his pride and asked for his help.

They'd started this whole thing on at the same time. His first client who was the big bad of Angel's first mission. They'd started on the same page and it seemed only right that they end on the same page.

But this wasn't it. This wasn't where it was supposed to end: some all out battle that they couldn't win.

This wasn't Angel's redemption. This was a step, but he still had more atoning to do.

That didn't stop him from smiling as he clean his bloody hands off. "Those guys were chumps."

Lorne stepped in surveying the scene with an unreadable expression on his face. "Now they're chunks. Demon strength or no, you're quite the master swordsman."

He knew that it was a shot at him. The whole 'let's impersonate Doyle and kill Angel' thing. But he and Angel were over that and he figured the others were too, so he ignored the comment. "I couldn't have done it without that high note in 'MacAuthur Park.'

"Slays them every time."

There's something in that voice that made Lindsey's blood run cold. This wasn't the karaoke demon he knew...

"Heard anything about the rest of the team?"

"For all I know we are the rest of the team. I haven't heard squat."

So that was it. He thought it was just them who'd won. Lorne had never had much faith in the evil fighting department.

But even that couldn't keep him down. "You know it's strange."

"No call?"

"No, I mean me saying team and meaning it." He grabbed a towel and dried his hands off, grinning. "I kind of like the feeling."

"Yeah, today."

"You really done with them?" It was hard to believe, Lorne being done with them when Lindsey was just starting up.

"It isn't really my kind of work anymore. It's unsavory."

The rest of them got off on it, Lindsey no worse than Gunn or Spike or Wes or Angel. "Gee. I think it was just getting interesting."

"Yeah, I bet you do."

It would have made sense coming from anyone but Lorne. Lorne had read him countless times and had pushed him towards Angel more than once. "You don't trust me? What? You don't think a man can change?"

"Its not about what I think. This was Angel's plan."

Lindsey saw the hand go into his coat pocket and knew there was a gun there. "I could sing for you."

Lorne pulled the gun out and fired twice. "I've heard you sing."

What the hell?

The bullet holes appear on his chest. "What? Why'd you."

It was almost funny. Dying when he'd finally chosen a side. When he had thought he was part of the team. Funnier still, he could have saved them all, he knew a place. A safe place they could lie low for a month and start fighting the good fight again. It could have all been OK.

"One last job. You're not part of the solution, Lindsey. You never will be."

He would have laughed if it wasn't so screwed up. Because he had the visions. He could have help change things. He would have laughed if it had been Angel shooting him.

But this, this was wrong.

Lorne? It's not Angel. It's LORNE.

"You?" He was dimly aware of hitting the wall behind him and slumping down. "A flunky?" This was wrong. "I'm not just... Angel kills me...You... Angel."

He tried to tell Lorne how to help them but he'd already used up his last breath.

Thirty minutes later, the rest of the team met their deaths

And the funny thing was:

Lindsey could have saved them.