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Yes, I am spoiler cutting a thing that aired more than a year ago. Yes this is the first time I am seeing season 7. Yes I am unspoiled and intending to stay that way (give me like three weeks and I'll be through.)

...I see why they did it this way. Play the drama, because despite the fact that this is an incredibly lighthearted show, Psych wears drama surprisingly well. Surround it by a slapstick silly episode (STRIPPER BUUUUUUZZZZZZ!) and then undercut with drama. From a technical standpoint it makes sense. But... but...

Psych's one of those shows that from the first episode I had a really clear picture of How It Should End. It ends with Shawn coming clean, expecting to be kicked out of the police station, expecting the worst, and then having every single person from Chief Vick to Jules, to Lassie being all this was supposed to be a secret? We've known that since day one. Because the SBPD is not incompetent. They're weird as hell but in their own way they're all actually pretty good at their jobs. Of course they knew. It's the only thing that ever made sense. They knew and they took Shawn on because he got results. (I'm like 99% sure that Henry told Chief Vick before the pilot was even over and nothing you can say will stop that headcanon.)

It's put me in a weird place where I am despite myself more interested in Shawn/Juliet  that I usually am (I am down with every single conceivable ship on that show except for the one that wound up front. Bleck. Gus/Jules, you could have been so beautiful.) but at the same time it's kind of made me cringe for Juliet's character. Because she grew up around this sort of thing. Since her dad left her, she's picked up on this kind of guy every single time. And then not to see it as Shawn? Really?

The problem I have right now isn't so much that Shawn/Juliet doesn't work because he lied, but that Shawn/Juliet doesn't work BECAUSE SHE ACTUALLY BELIEVED HIM TO BEGIN WITH. (Come on Jules, you're better than this.)

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