last01standing: ([LOM] Sam Tyler)
Title: Never Seen the Sunrise
Rating: R (language, violence)
Disclaimer: I can claim none of the Star Trek franchises.
Summary: Dystopian!AU. The Vulcans say the only way to peace is through removal of emotion. Not everyone agrees.
Notes: Written as part of Sweet Charity for Demona. Many thanks to [ profile] tigriswolf for the wonderful beta.

Never Seen the Sunrise )
last01standing: ([Psych] Psychman)
Title: Swooning
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I can lay no claims on Star Trek or Psych
SPOILERS: General season 1 Psych, none really for Star Trek
Characters: McCoy, Kirk, Spock
Notes: A reply to this prompt on the [ profile] st_xi_kink meme.
Summary: It started to go wrong when Jim fake-swooned into the Vulcan’s lap. (The Psych AU in which Kirk is Shawn, McCoy is Gus and Spock is Lassiter.)

Swooning )
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Title: can see it in his eyes
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I can lay no claims on Star Trek or SPN
SPOILERS:SPN though season four. The most recent Star Trek movie
Characters: Spock, Kirk, Bones, Uhura, Castiel, Dean
Summary:This is the great secret of Spock’s birth: Human and Vulcans are not compatible. There has never been another like him nor will there ever be another like him. It is for all intents and purposes... a miracle.

can see it in his eyes )