last01standing: ([BtVS] Hush)
Title: The Dead Man Shuffle
Rating: PG
Summary: For absolutely no reason, zombies attack the Pie Hole.
Disclaimer:I do not own Pushing Daisies.
Author’s note: It’s not a real fandom unless it’s had a zombie apocalypse. (You all know I’m right)

The Dead Man Shuffle )
last01standing: ([SGA] Sheppard)
Title: Walking Dead Girl
Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I have no claims to either Pushing Daisies or Psych.
Summary: Upon seeing the specter of her supposedly dead niece, Lily Charles calls in a psychic. [PD/Psych crossover]

Notes: Written as part of Sweet Charity for [personal profile] strangevisitor7 who asked for a Psych/PD crossover

Walking Dead Girl )
last01standing: (SPN--Walk Away [Sam])
Title: Baking for the Dead
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I have no involvement with Pushing Daisies or Supernatural. This is just for fun.
Summary: In which the girl called Chuck and the Pie Maker runs across the brothers Winchester and a soul stealing demon.
Spoilers: Supernatural for All Hell Breaks Loose. Pushing Daisies for Pie-lette
Author’s note: For Christmas for [ profile] scornedsaint who gave me a list of characters and said pick two for a crossover. I picked Sam Winchester and Chuck.

Baking for the Dead )