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 ...I finished Psych. It's kind of taken me off guard because I didn't realize season 8 was abbreviated.

It was perfect.

Seriously, I am so pleased that it ended like this. I don't think they missed a single note in the last episode. I am so glad they made the episode about Shawn and Gus rather than Shawn and Juliet. The videos were just the right about of realistic and ridiculous. Gus's half dozen attempts to leave. The proposal. Chief Vick chastising them about standing on the body even while allowing a group hug. Hell even Monk off screen organizing a pantry. Henry teaching the online class and forcing them to show up in the classroom. Shawn finally calling for backup. DETECTIVE MCNAB. LASSITER BREAKING THE DISC BEFORE SHAWN'S CONFESSION. 

I had issues with later seasons of psych. It's one of those things that happens with sitcoms, pretty unavoidably, but this has been a several month project to rewatch the entire thing (and watch 7-8 for the first time). But I'm not going to get into them because for about 4 years it was the best thing on television (not to mention the funniest). There were a couple really terrible episodes late (I hated the musical beyond belief. The Wonderful Life episode I've tried to erase from my memory and I was mostly pissed during the remake episode), but to end on such a pitch perfect note is something I don't think a lot of shows get the chance to do.  A+, Psych A+.
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