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(Here's a hockey primer if you don't know the game.)

This 'verse began as a single Supernatural story but has now expanded to several other fandoms. The stories have vague references to one another but all can stand alone. I would also like to note that THIS 'VERSE IS OFFICIALLY OPEN. If you want to play in the hockey 'verse, you are welcome. If you want to write in a different fandom, be my guest. SPREAD THE HOCKEY LOVE.

Five For Fighting [Supernatural, 25000 words, 12 chapters, complete]
For the Winchester brothers hockey was always something apart from hunting until one season it suddenly wasn’t.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | epilogue

Forecheck [Supernatural, 2000 words]
John watches Dean and Sam grow up on the ice.

Crosscheck [Supernatural, 720 words]
Guys didn’t want the girl from Canada who’d broken noses herself playing hockey with the neighborhood kids on the pond. [Mary/John]

Goaltender Interference [Supernatural, 1100 words, one shot]
Teaching the angel residing in his body how to be a NHL level goaltender isn’t something Jim Novak ever considered.

Too Many Men on the Ice [Supernatural, 1100 words]
Andy Gallagher looks like a stoner and not a hockey player.

Gordie Howe [Supernatural, 900 words]
(goal, assist, fight) Dean Winchester with the Gordie Howe hat trick.

Road Swing [Sherlock (/SPN, /Dexter), 3400 words]
NHL!AU. Sherlock Holmes is an eccentric goaltender who keeps getting traded due to attitude problems. John Watson is a perennial minor leaguer getting what could be his last shot at the NHL.

Line Change [Doctor Who, 3400 words]
After the Time War, the Doctor really just wants to hit something. Hockey seems a lot healthier than another genocide. [Nine, Jack, Ten, Rose, Martha, Donna, Eleven, Amy, Rory]

Rivalry [Psych/Sherlock, 2400 words]
Shawn Spencer is the top pick in the NHL entry draft. Henry thinks they should have really taken Stamkos instead. [Shawn, Gus, Lassiter, Henry, Sherlock]

Winnipeg [Sherlock, 330 words]
The Thrashers are moving to Winnipeg. John Watson is not happy.

Enforcer [The Dresden Files/Sherlock, 470 words]
Dresden accidentally soulgazes Watson.

High Sticking [Merlin (/Doctor Who), 3000 words]
Arthur and Morgana are the Reggie and Cheryl Miller of hockey, Merlin keeps accidentally wounding his own teammates and somehow the Great Dragon coaches. [Arthur, Merlin, Morgana, Kilgarrah, Eleven]

Player Safety [XMFC, 1800 words]
It's 1970 and the NHL is expanding. Charles and Raven are on opposing teams, but find a common ground. [Charles, Raven]

Extra Time [SPN/Sherlock, 3000 words]
When a spell over a playoff game forces endless periods of overtime hockey, Dean Winchester is forced to enlist opponent John Watson to help him end it. [Dean, John, Sam, Sherlock, Castiel, Moriarty]

Lockout [drabbles, Sherlock, DW, Psych, Dresden, Merlin, SPN]
The NHL lockout is not a happy thing [A series of unconnected hockey!verse drabbles]

Game Misconduct [SGA, 1700 words]
John Sheppard is the prettiest enforcer.

More to come...
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