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Title: Fly by Night
Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Merlin and make no profit from this endeavor.
Rating: PG
Summary: In which Merlin is the Great Dragon chained beneath Camelot
Author's note: Complete and utter crack.

Fly by Night

Arthur, the voice hisses at him as it has every night for the past week. Arthur, you gigantic prat, I'm in the cavern. Come find me. I shouldn't need to spell it out for you exactly.

He still remembers when he wakes up. Which is strange because he scarcely remembers his dream and can't think of a single reason why he would dream about a mysterious voice calling him a prat. Which is probably why he heads to the cavern if he's honest with himself. If there is someone there, he will have them put in the stocks.

"About time," the voice greets as he steps inside. "You're three weeks late for your destiny, you stubborn prat."

"Who dares speak to me this way?"

There's a snort and then the rush of air from a pair of great wings as a dragon lands in front of him. "I'm called Merlin."

Arthur gapes. "You're a dragon."

"I really prefer Merlin."

"I'm the crown prince! I can't be talking to a dragon."

"I would prefer not to talk to you either, but reportedly we're too sides of the same coin."

"The other side of my coin is a dragon?"

"It's destiny," the dragon says.

"So change it!"

"I can't. It's destiny."


"If it helps, I would prefer if the other side of my coin wasn't such a clotpole."


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1/11/10 00:31 (UTC)
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I remind myself the show has Zombie Unicorns and Slash Dragons and Trolls - which makes it hard to take seriously and therefore crack is at home here.

Truth be told, I'd rate this higher than crack-crack and more... cracky. In the best way :)

Fun ficlet is awesome :D

Best of luck for Nano! *cheers*

You're going to ban me from your LJ, aren't you?

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2/11/10 01:08 (UTC)
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I think I love Merlin because it is basically nothing but crack!fic. (and supercheesy villians. I LOVE ME SOME SUPER CHEESY VILLIANS.)

Thank you for the luck. I will keep it in my pocket with some candy., the random [ profile] spastic_visions person who will be friending you shortly is my less fandom oriented account. =) You see like fun.

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1/11/10 19:30 (UTC)
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That was very funny. Loved the last line. ROTFL!

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2/11/10 01:04 (UTC)
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