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Title: Crossing Blue
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Considering Doctor Who is actually older than I am…
Summary: Rose crosses the void with a little familiar help.
Author’s note: For Christmas for [ profile] thegabbster who wanted a Rose/Jack reunion.

Crossing Blue

The problem with living in an alternate universe, Rose Tyler finds slowly, is not what is different, but how much is exactly the same. Sure, there are zeppelins and Pete Tyler is alive, but her old job still blew up a few years back and she can still navigate the streets with the authority of a native.

Really, she would probably go insane if it weren’t for the fact that there is definitely no parallel doctor just like there is definitely no parallel Rose.

Up until she walks into Torchwood three, she assumes the same about Jack Harkness because really, even if there was an intergalactic sex-addicted time agent, he should probably be in the fifty-first century and not in Cardiff.

Only there he is, standing right there in front of her, grinning his playboy smile and looking exactly the same as he always does.

“Jack!” she cries.

And then she’s snogging him. It’s really the only thing she can do, because Captain Jack Harkness standing there alive and she can’t think of anything but the feel of her lips pressed against his and his hands all tangled up in her hair.

It’s not until on of the Torchwood staff, a doctor Owen Harper if Rose is not mistaken, wolf whistles at them and Jack pulls his face away from her, wiping a tear she hadn’t even realized she’d shed from her cheek. “Not that I don’t appreciate a greeting like that, but have we met?”

Rose steps back, reeling in the tears. “I’m Rose Tyler. I was told to the head of Torchwood Three wanted to meet with me.”

“Ah,” says Jack, a twinkle in his eyes. “Rose Tyler, you know, you’re just as beautiful as he described you.”

“I’m sorry,” Rose says, snapping easily back into her business persona. “Who is this person?”

Jack smiles, wide and bright like he hasn’t got a care in the world. “We’ve made contact with the other side.”

“The riff is active?” Rose asks, panic growing in her stomach. Sure she’s dreamed of this, dreamed of a rift open and a way back home, but her time at Torchwood has taught her well. Last time the rift open, it wasn’t just her old universe that was suffering consequence. “Are you mad?”

“There’s someone I’d like you to see,” he says, grabbing her hand and leading her to a video uplink.

“Rose Tyler,” says the man on the video screen.

“Jack?” she breathes as the other Jack laughs at her side.


Rose Tyler’s triumphant return is noticeably less dramatic than she’d pictured. She’d pictured a tearful reunion, the doctor swooping down in the Tardis proclaiming it wasn’t impossibly after all.

What she got was her two Jacks passing her across the void in a piece of technology based around the dalek’s void ship. She’s asleep for most of it and when she wakes up, there’s the real Jack smiling down at her. “Long time, no see, Rosie.”

She chokes out a sound that’s half sob, half laugh and throws her arms around his neck. “Jack, I though you were dead.”

“I got better,” he says. “Guess I should be calling the Doctor. He’ll be thrilled to see you. Also he’ll probably want to stitch up our little hole in the rift, but mostly he’ll be thrilled.”

Rose pulls away from him just far enough to see his face. “Jack,” she says, poking her tongue through her teeth, “you think maybe we can wait a little before calling the Doctor?”

Jack hesitates for the barest fraction of a second and then he smiles. “Rose Tyler, that is a plan I can support fully.”

And then he dips his head to kiss her and yeah, maybe it’s not the triumphant return she imagined and maybe she did accidentally kiss his alternate universe double first and they really should call the Doctor to patch up this hole in the rift before something extremely bad happens to ruin the moment but she thinks it’s even better than she’d imagined.