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Title: The Grapefruit Chronicles
Author: Insane Troll Logic
Rating: PG-13 (for sexing and cussing)
Disclaimer: I don’t look a thing like James Cameron
Summary: Max gives Logan fruit IN THREE DIFFERENT AND OMG SO COOL WAYS.
Author’s note: So in the middle of a very serious discussion on betas in a forum, Shywr1ter goes and says this “For example: if Max walked in and handed Logan a grapefruit, just as she did in the show, your readers would expect a pleased, articulate response from him, as he did in the show. If he a) broke down and wept like a baby; b) swore viciously and threw it back in Max's face; c) looked at her with huge, wide eyes and squealed, "OHMYGAWD, KEWL!!" your readers would immediately look for drugs, a concussion, a signal that this was a parody... or wonder what drugs the writer was taking!”

Naturally I ignore the part about the drugs and took it as a personal challenge. Shy kept egging me on. So I warn you, this is complete and utter CRACK.

The Grapefruit Chronicles

A. He broke down and wept like a baby

It all started with a grapefruit. A plump, succulent, just begging to be devoured grapefruit. Now, believe it or not, this grapefruit had super magnificent magical powers. This grapefruit as a matter of fact, would cause the person holding it to reveal their innermost angst. The vender knew this and was completely willing to pass his knowledge onto the potential buyer. “How much?” the girl asked.

She was kinda punked out. With a leather jacket, dark eyes, and biker gloves. She was smiling, but she still looked like she could kill someone. The vender nodded to himself. Emotionally repressed. Just the kind of person who needed this grapefruit and its super magnificent magical powers.

“Pretty lady eats free.”

“What’s the catch?” the girl asked suspiciously.

“No catch,” the vender said. “Just food. Good food. Fresh!!”

The girl smiled. “Thanks then. Logan’s not going to believe this.”

The vender put the fruit in a bag. With any luck she would wait to fondle the grapefruit until she was in the prescience of someone who would benefit from her revelation of angst.

A short time later, Max walked into the penthouse of Logan Cale and tossed him the bag. Logan caught it and looked at it curiously. “What’s this?”


Logan pulled it out of the bag, broke down and wept like a baby. Max stared. “Is this a bad time?”

“I’m in a wheelchair!” moaned Logan. “Me! The great and powerful Eyes Only in a wheelchair. How could you ever look twice at me? You’re perfect and I am merely half a man. WOE IS ME!!”

“Did I just step into crazy town?” Max asked. “Seriously. Are you high? I heard vicodin makes you go pretty whack.”

“OH THE ANGST!” wailed Logan.

Max grabbed the grapefruit from his hands. “Seriously, Logan, you’re scaring me.” She paused for a long second as the fruit’s effect took hold. “I only pretend to dislike your Eyes Only stuff. I’m just not used to caring about everything because a crazy guy called Lydecker taught me to repress all emotion when all I want is to be loved.” She looked at Logan, eyes watering. “Logan?” she asked, “Hold me?”

And then they had sex. It was awesome.


b) He swore viciously and threw it back in Max's face

Max pushed open the door of the penthouse, positively brimming with happiness. She had spent the afternoon hanging with Alec after bailing him out of jail for something Ben had done and to be honest, she just wanted to hang with Logan for a while and unwind. She’d even brought a peace offering. They hadn’t talked much since the night there should have been sex but wasn’t. It had been awkward. So this time, she brought a grapefruit. A grapefruit could make it all better. Grapefruits were magical like that. She picked the lock to the penthouse

“Hey, Logan!” she called, “You up?”

Logan emerged from the computer room, frowning. “Max,” he said neutrally.

“Grapefruit!” she said and tossed it to him.

Logan stared at the grapefruit and then suddenly, irrational anger flew into his veins. “Fuck!” he swore viciously, and threw the grapefruit back at Max’s face. For emphasis, he added, “fuckity-fuck-fuck-fuck!”

The grapefruit hit Max in the face. She looked at Logan in shock and then picked it back up and threw it at Logan’s face. “What the hell was that for? Now you’ve bruised it!”

“That was Alec’s grapefruit, wasn’t it? HOW DARE YOU COME IN HERE AND GIVE ME ALEC’S GRAPEFRUIT!!!”

“Dude,” Max said. “Chill. You’re acting how M/A shippers write you. It’s creepy.”

“Well, how would you feel if I was HAVING SEX WITH ALEC!!!”

Max shrugged. “Honestly, it sounds pretty hot. Mind if I watch?”


“Oh,” Max said. “Too bad. Neither am I.”

Logan calmed down visibly. “I’m sorry. It’s just the virus and bad writing makes me feel all shouty. It’s not my fault.”

“I get it,” Max said. “I get unreasonably shouty sometimes too. I’m kind of a bitch.”

“And I’m occasionally obsessive,” Logan admitted. “It’s not our fault.”

Max grinned and picked up the grapefruit from the floor. She offered it to him again. “Grapefruit?”

They ate the grapefruit. Coincidentally, this was also the cure for the mysterious virus (didn’t you read part A. The grapefruit is magic). Many good things came of this. Including sex.


c) He looked at her with huge, wide eyes and squealed, "OHMYGAWD, KEWL!!"

The lock on Logan’s penthouse door was pathetic, truly weak. It took Max approximately ten seconds to pick it. She wondered vaguely why he didn’t invest on something stronger. Seriously it was like he was asking for transgenic cat burglars. “Logan!” she called. “I’m bored with your lock. Can’t you get something better? I’m going to fall out of practice here.”

Logan rolled himself into the entrance hall. He looked like he was biting his lips, but Max didn’t know why. “I was thinking we could do breakfast,” Max said. “I found this at the market this morning. Hardly ever find fresh fruit this good.”

She tossed him the grapefruit. He looked at her with huge, wide eyes and squealed, "OHMYGAWD, KEWL!!" And then, flushing red with embarrassment, he resumed biting his lip.

“Did you seriously just say that?” Max asked. “What are you? A twelve year old girl?”

Logan shook his head, mouth still pressed shut.

“Are you going to answer or just stare?”

“STFU!!” Logan burst out and then clamped a hand over his mouth.

“You’re acting really strange,” Max said.

“UR SO HAWT,” Logan blurted through his hand. “BE MY SEX POOTIE?”

Max frowned. “I don’t understand a word you just said. What is wrong with you?”

Logan gave her a strangled look and then shoved the grapefruit into his mouth to detour any more unwanted verbal ticks. He grabbed a notepad and pencil and scribbled furiously for a second before passing the pad over to Max.

Computer virus, it read. Turns out its contagious to humans. Impedes speech functions.

Max raised an eyebrow. “Is that even possible?”

Logan nodded furiously.

“How long?”

He grabbed the pad back and scribbled, Until my system reboot. One hour and then Eyes Only is taking this bitch down…

Max stifled a laugh. “You know, I can think of a few things we can do that don’t involve talking. You game?”

Logan nodded furiously and pried the grapefruit from his mouth. “MAX LUV!”

So they had sex. Funny how that always seemed to happen when a grapefruit was involved.

And everyone lived happily ever after.

The END.


Clearly, there is something wrong with me.

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23/7/07 04:02 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
LMFAO that was completely awesomely hilarious XDD. i love you so much for writing this! hahaha :P

(no subject)

23/7/07 12:42 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]


*tosses you a grapefruit*

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23/7/07 04:58 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
“That was Alec’s grapefruit, wasn’t it? HOW DARE YOU COME IN HER AND GIVE ME ALEC’S GRAPEFRUIT!!!”

“Dude,” Max said. “Chill. You’re acting how M/A shippers write you. It’s creepy.”

best. da fic line. ever.

oh, besides this little gem:

And then they had sex. It was awesome.

that settles it, we need to be friends. :D

(no subject)

23/7/07 12:44 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Clearly this fic is the absolute height of my literary abilities.

Friends it is then!

*hands you a grapefruit*

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23/7/07 08:42 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
You are...quite favorite person ever. And my hero. I think you just pulled me out of my Harry Potter angst.

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23/7/07 12:47 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Glad to help with the removal of the HP angst. Loved that book, by my goodness it got dark. Someone should give them a grapefruit!

Thanks for reading.

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24/10/07 02:56 (UTC)
ext_58165: (Default)
Posted by [identity profile]
That cheered me up after taking 2 midterms today! Thanks XD

(no subject)

24/10/07 03:34 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Happy to help. Hope the midterms went well.

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15/2/08 21:24 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Sorry for post necrophilia!!!!

But seriously, that was so completely awesome! And truly, believable. Your ficlets, written to spite someone else, show more talent and creativity than much of the of fics I've read.

The second one was freakin' hilarious with its jabs at the Dark Angel fandom.

And the computer virus one...where do you get your ideas!?

(no subject)

16/2/08 00:55 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Absolutely no problem with dropping comments on old posts. It's always nice to get new feedback and this fic... oh my... possibly the crackiest thing I've ever written. It wasn't done out of spite at all, just a joke really, the ABC prompts came up in this extremely serious beta discussion and I mentioned that I was totally tempted to write them. Which is when Shy (who made the original post) started egging me on and I've never been one to back away from a challenge.

And I have no idea where some of this stuff comes from because I can't even claim the drugs/alcohol angle. I've said it before but I suspect there's something loose in my head.

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29/8/08 03:53 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
“That was Alec’s grapefruit, wasn’t it? HOW DARE YOU COME IN HER AND GIVE ME ALEC’S GRAPEFRUIT!!!”

LMAO. Oh you've made grapefruit so..interesting!!

I don't even LIKE grapefruit.

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29/8/08 19:30 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
And the gigantic typo in the middle of that CAPsLOCK sentence just makes it funnier, huh? (sneaks off to go edit it)

Glad I could give you some amusement.

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29/8/08 19:38 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I have to admit I didn't even notice.

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29/8/08 21:42 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I didn't either until you quoted it back at me. =-)

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10/9/08 06:20 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
You are a genius!! Hi there, I know this fic is far from new, but I actually just discovered the DA fandom and I love M/L the most. Your crack is the best I've read yet! This fic is awesome! All three scenes made me laugh so hard. ^_^ And you made Grapefruit so much more awesome which I didn't think was possible since it's already my favorite fruit, but you made it even better with the funny addictive cracktastic Max/Logan lovin'.Thank you so much for bringing the laughter! ^______^ This fandom needs some more humor sometimes it seems. ^^

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11/9/08 16:04 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
=) Glad to see someone new in the DA fandom. I'm glad you liked the crack. This fandom is sadly lacking in it. I'm glad I could supply some for your entertainment. No worries about commenting on an old fic at all. It's always good to know someone's reading. =)


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